Prison Break Season 6 Officially Confirmed By FOX

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Plans for Prison Break season 6 have now been officially confirmed by FOX. Fans of the show have been pondering the possibilities of a sixth season for quite some time. First, Wentworth Miller created a stir when he announced his retirement from the Arrowverse, then Dominic Purcell stirred things up even more by indicating that Prison Break season 6 is a go on his Instagram account. Now FOX has formally announced that the show will be continuing on.

FOX Entertainment Chief Michael Thorn spoke vaguely yet enthusiastically about the company's plans for Prison Break during a session at the 2018 Television Critics Association winter press tour. Thorn finally confirmed that, yes, there will be a sixth season of Prison Break, but it won't be anything like what fans of the show are used to.

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Speaking at the 2018 TCA press tour, Thorn told reporters that Prison Break will be back in a "new iteration." Though no details were given on what the series will look like going forward, Thorn revealed that the studio is "really excited" for Prison Break's future, despite the new iteration still being in its "very early stages."

Michael and Linc on Prison Break

This news comes as a welcome surprise to fans of the series, who waited eight years between the fourth and fifth seasons of Prison Break when the series was revived with a short nine-episode run.

Speculation has grown over whether or not the original cast will return or an entirely new one will be put in place. Purcell had previously indicated that he was done working on Prison Break, but his Instagram post suggests otherwise. Others have surmised that Robert Knepper's sexual assault accusations will prevent him from returning. EW was able to obtain a statement from Fox Chairman and CEO Gary Newman after his appearance at the TCA press tour, in which he said season 6 will not be comprised of an entirely new cast.

It's probably safe to assume the conclusions on Knepper's assault allegations are correct. Regardless of the legal outcome, Hollywood has been on a major purge of any and all public personalities connected to stories like these. This lends itself to the possibility that both Miller and Purcell will indeed return for season 6, a fact that fans will no doubt welcome with open arms. Until then, Purcell will continue to play Heat Wave in the Arrowverse, while Miller is due to reprise Captain Cold on The Flash (one final time?) within the next couple of months.

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Prison Break season 6 does not have an official premiere date yet.

Source: EW

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