Prison Break Revival Promo: A Storm is on the Horizon

Prison Break is one of the latest TV show properties to be relaunched, riding the wave of populous nostalgia that seems to be making a smash in current popular culture. On the tail of FOX's success with their X-Files revival, brothers Lincoln (Dominic Purcell), and Michael (Wentworth Miller) are taking a break from DC's Legends of Tomorrow - where Purcell and Miller play Heat Wave and Captain Cold, respectively - to challenge the events of the original Prison Break series finale, wherein Michael lost his life.

While Prison Break went off the air in 2009, fans of Miller and Purcell got to see the actor rekindle their brotherly relationship on both The CW's DC TV show The Flash and then as full-time cast members on DC's Legends of Tomorrow. When Captain Cold was killed off in the Legends season one finale, many fans speculated that it was due to his high-pressure schedule in returning to Prison Break. Perhaps Captain will be returning to his super villainous ways later in the ongoing Legends season 2 (where Cold is confirmed to join the Legion of Doom, eventually), by taking notes from Michael.

FOX has dropped another promo for the upcoming Prison Break revival season (the show's fifth season overall), the title of which confirms what fans of the series all knew when Miller was announced to return - that he will be coming back like a "Storm". You can watch the video for yourselves, above.

Prison Break season 5 sneak peek

One of the criticisms of Prison Break during its initial run was that the show lost its way once Lincoln and Michael broke out of prison the first time. The show faced the same sort of complication after season four, with one of the male leads dead and the other no longer behind bars. However, season 5 flips the dynamic - Michael is the one incarcerated and he needs Lincoln to fish him out of the drink. The show's writers further up the ante by shifting the location to the Middle East, perhaps taking notes from another popular FOX show that came back for a final season and is now rebooting entirely - 24.

The new season 5 promo shows that Prison Break is taking the mantra "go big or go home" to heart. Everyone involved seems to understand that they have a big proving ground with this relaunch and no idea was too big or too crazy when pitched around the writers room. This will hopefully provide Michael and Lincoln an opportunity to develop their relationship beyond what audiences saw in the original series and take on crazier challenges than ever before - which could even lead to crazier stunts!

On the other hands, fans of the more down-to-Earth concept laid out in Prison Break - particularly the first season - may see this globetrotting adventure on the same level as Jason Bourne or James Bond to be too far out of the show's wheelhouse. As much as there is a proven ground in justifying why the show came back in the first place, there is a proven ground in the sale of storytelling that is being undertaken - and just how far it seems Michael has strayed from everything viewers have known him to be.

Prison Break season 5 returns to FOX on April 4, 2017.

Source: FOX

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