'Prison Break' Limited Revival Series In Development

FOX is reportedly bringing the popular action drama TV show 'Prison Break' back as a limited TV series. Good news?

'Prison Break'

These days, everything is new again in Hollywood. Case in point, it seems like every day news of a remake, reboot or revival of a past film or television show is breaking.

This has proved especially true for FOX. Last year, the network brought back 24 for a limited run titled 24: Live Another Day. The network is currently reuniting David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson for another round of The X-Files. Now comes word that another of the network's drama series is working its way back to the small screen (as FOX previously indicated could happen).

According to TVLine, Fox is developing a limited-series revival of Prison Break, the 2005-2009 series that starred Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell. The new Prison Break series would apparently consist of roughly a dozen episodes covering a standalone storyline, though more specific plot details remain uncertain for the time being.

We'd previously heard that Fox was interested in exploring the idea of more Prison Break, but at that point, it didn't seem like something the network was seriously pursuing. Mirroring Fox's move to secure Chris Carter's return for The X-Files revival, Deadline reports that series creator Paul Scheuring is also interested in coming back - and that he has an idea in mind for the next batch of episodes. It will reportedly involve another prison break (as fans would no doubt expect) and feature appearances from several the original Prison Break TV show's cast members.

Prison Break revival series in the works

Miller and Purcell have already both been added to the roster of DC Comics' growing television universe (as Captain Cold and Heat Wave, respectively), with both actors set to appear in the CW's upcoming Legends of Tomorrow. So it makes sense that both are keen to work together on more Prison Break, especially since the program still has a loyal fanbase who would surely jump at the chance for more.

Considering how much serialized television has grown in popularity since its cancellation, more Prison Break could prove to be a massive success for Fox. It does beg the question of how the revival will provide a spin on the show's initial premise (some reports claim it may begin with Miller's character in prison this time), but regardless, Prison Break fans can finally start building their hopes up.

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Source: TVLine, Deadline

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