The Princess Diaries: 10 Things We'd Like To See In A Third Movie

Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway in Princess Diaries

With rumors (and basically a confirmation) that The Princess Diaries is finally getting a third round, we couldn't help but think of all the things we'd love to see in a new movie. Now that all the characters are full-on adults, there begs the question of how the next movie will play out.

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Will we see returning cast members? Will Mia revisit her past? Will she be looking ahead to the future... and potentially raising the next generation? We could speculate for days about her love interests, new (and old) best friends, and the status of the royal Thermopolis family, but we'd rather just discuss it. Without further ado, here are all the major things we're psyched to see addressed in the third movie... and maybe some wishful thinking.

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10 We Need Lana To Return Because There's Never A Thing As Too Much Mandy Moore

Before Mandy Moore started summiting international mountaintops, she was known for her role as Lana in the first movie (among many other popular titles and for her singing, duh). For some reason, we just couldn't bring ourselves to hate her and even loved her a little bit.

There was some friend potential even if it wasn't reciprocated on Mia's end, so we can't help but wonder... could there be a spark in the third movie? Or would Lane be up to her old ways, this time attempted to upstage a princess rather than a dorky high schooler?

9 Another Princess In The Making... Perhaps A Baby Mia?

According to Elle magazine, much of the main cast is totally on-board when it comes to the third movie. Whether or not Anne Hathaway will return as the lead is still up for debate, but no one has given a hard 'no' as of yet.

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This begs the question of whether or not we'll be seeing some new characters, and maybe even the next generation of royalty. Supposedly, a third movie was always in the works -- so fans can trust that the script will be headed in a solid direction.

8 More Screentime For Lilly And Maybe A New Love Interest

Heather Matarazzo has already told Cosmopolitan that she'd be down for a third movie as long as her co-stars were down for it. This gives us high hopes for that classic dialogue that only Lilly can deliver.

What we'd love to see, however, is a new love interest for her. Poor Lilly was on the outside through much of the first movie and it would be so satisfying to finally watch her fall in love, herself, be it a security guard, royal advisor, maybe even another princess... we're not picky!

7 All The Deets On The Royal Wedding

It's pretty much assumed at this point that Mia is bound to get married eventually. Although she did change the rules in the second movie, she had a pretty hardcore love going on with her frenemie, Nicholas, who was played by Chris Pine.

The actor subtly alluded to the fact that he'd be interested in playing a role in the third movie, so could we possibly get a royal wedding from it? We've already witnessed one between Clarisse and Joe, but we're certain that Mia's wedding would be full of clumsy surprises and at least one table arrangement set on fire.

6 Even Bigger Political Issues, Maybe Even Relevant To Real Life

The second movie did get a tad bit more serious as far as feminism and girl power go, so we're expecting some serious action by the third movie. A relevant world topic would be amazing, especially when played out in the quirky, light-hearted way The Princess Diaries is known for.

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Meg Cabot has revealed that a script is already in the works although considers the movies and the books to be two completely different entities, so there's a chance we could get some heavy action.

5 Clarisse And Joe Are #Goals, More Of That, Please

Their love was something we watched blossom from day one and many of us shed a tear during the second movie when they finally tied the knot. We'd love to see how their marriage has been and we're totally here for some more #couplegoals moments from these two.

They're proof that true love does exist, even after a great loss. We'd also love to see who replaces Joe as head of security and if he's as tough love as Joe was in the first movie.

4 A High School Reunion Because We'd Love To See Josh As An Unattractive Old Man

While Lana's behavior was somewhat excusable due to the pressure of being popular and her own insecurities, Josh had zero excuse to act like a jerk in front of the camera.

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We'd love to watch karma take its place and bring him back as an old man with a beer gut and grandpa-type combover but that probably won't happen. Hey, we can dream, can't we? If nothing else, we'd love to witness a return to the softball field with a similar rogue ball.

3 Sandra Oh Played Gupta So Well That We'd Love A Return To Royalty

Gupta was such a great character for comedic relief and, after all, Sandra Oh is a queen in her own right. Many have rallied for a storyline in which she finds out that she is actually royalty, but could it possibly happen?

It's unknown whether or not Sanda Oh would be returning to the cast (obviously it wouldn't make much sense unless they were back in California) but it would be interesting, to say the least. Would she still announce that the queen is present, even if she was a queen? Probably.

2 Who Will Replace Fat Louie?

Unless we're rooting for a miracle, chances are that Fat Louie is probably not going to be part of the cast at this point. This leaves a void open for a new pet and we're secretly hoping it could be a dog.

We could totally see Mia venting about all her hopes and fears to a cute little pup! Certainly not a poodle or something cutesy, but most definitely a mixed breed or a labrador. After all, every royal family needs a pup to call their own.

1 Perhaps Nicholas Wasn't Mia's True Love, After All, Enter Michael

The big question mark after the first movie was 'what happened to Michael?' Mia's first true high school love seemingly disappeared with a brief explanation at the start of the second movie.

There's no denying that Mia and Michael (aside from having adorable awkward chemistry) were totally made for each other. Robert Schwartzman has kept a pretty low profile since the first movie came out in 2001 which is all the more reason he should be in the third.

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