Prince Harry Says Moving to Africa with Meghan & Archie Would Be ‘Amazing’

Prince Harry says moving to Africa with Duchess Meghan and baby son Archie would be an ‘amazing’ experience as that is where the couple fell in love.

In their new documenary Harry & Meghan: An African Journey, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry open up about the pressures the media has put on her since joining the Royal Family. The royals revealed that moving to Africa with Archie would be "amazing." The couple has made the tabloids thanks to Meghan’s rather colorful start as a royal.

The talk of the couple’s relocation does not surprise Anglophiles as they two have not had a warm welcome back in Great Britain. The Duchess has recently opened up about how hard the transition to motherhood has been for her while in the public eye. The couple had their second date in Botswana and Prince Harry also chose a diamond from the country for her engagement ring. The couple may want to relive their camping under the star’s days with a drastic move, but most know that a move will not take place any time soon.

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Being a British Royals has its ups and downs as one is always in the public eye, but having the opportunity to move to Africa seemed like an upside and Prince Harry agreed. According to Us Weekly, Prince Harry will make an appearance in a new documentary Harry and Meghan: An African Journey will show how the 35-year-old prince would be over the moon with idea of the Duchess and his son, Archie moving to Africa and refers to the idea as “amazing.”  The royal said that he believes that Africa would be a great place for his family but is worried that the move may not be possible at this time for them. During the program, Prince Harry said he was not sure where he and his family could live if they did move to Africa.

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Cameras followed the famous family around their 10-day trip to the southern part of the continent to work for an organization teaching women to literally fight back against endemic violence. The Prince and Duchess traveled from Cape Town and seemed to have really enjoyed their stay and made the comment saying they could see Cape Town as their base. The Prince did touch on the fact that he was aware that there were some major troubles going on in the area and felt that they would not be able to make as big of an impact as they would like to. The royal also noted that he would not want to be judges on their reactions while in those particular surroundings. Both the Duchess and Prince know Africa would be a very hard place to make a life as they are slightly disconnected from the culture.

In their documentary, Harry and Meghan: An African Journey, the royals are doing their part to help change the violent culture of South Africa. There are 19 other Commonwealth countries across the continent of Africa which means the royal couple knows there is much humanitarian work to be done. However, with there being many strict rules associated with the royal family, it seems unlikely that the Queen would agree to the airs to her throne residing in another country.

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Source: Us Weekly

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