Primeval Gets New Life

Primeval was canceled by ITV three months ago.  I was bummed because I was starting to get hooked on this offbeat show.

I called it offbeat because it showed up for me late Friday nights on Syfy.

When I heard it was canceled, well, dang.  But now the word on the street is that BBC America and the U.K. pay channel UKTV pulled it from the tar pits of TV extinction and putting a deal together that will bring us two more seasons that will add up to another 13 episodes.

Under this new arrangement, BBC Worldwide is the show's investor and will co-produce the show with ProSieben. In the meanwhile, ITV will be premiering the 4th season in 2011 and UKTV will be airing the 5th season later on in 2011.

No word on when and or if it will come back to Syfy.  One can only hope.

If you've never seen the show, it's about a team of scientists who hunt down prehistoric creatures that keep popping up around Great Britain via odd, temporal anomalies.  IE: Wormholes of sorts.

Yes, odd.  Yes, a little weak of a premise.  But I found myself paying more and more attention to the developing character stories as the seasons developed.

Any Primeval fans out there?  How are you feeling about this new lease on life for the show?

Source: Variety

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