Priest Updates: First Look At Characters & More!

For those of you looking forward to the upcoming Paul Bettany starrer, Legion, you’ll definitely be excited for his next partnership with Legion director Scott Stewart on a movie called Priest.

There've been quite a few announcements about Priest recently, starting with the announcement and first look at the Priest poster from the Legion panel at San Diego Comic-Con last month. This week, we also found out that Karl Urban has joined the cast as the evil vampire named Black Hat and earlier, Maggie Q signed on as a warrior priestess who joins Bettany’s character on his mission.

That’s not all though. This week, True Blood’s Stephen Moyer and 90210’s Lily Collins were also announced as part of the cast this week. Moyer will play Bettany’s brother in the film and Collins will play his niece.

The story is about a warrior priest (Paul Bettany) who goes against the wishes of the church to seek out a group of vampires who have kidnapped his niece in a world torn by a war between the humans and vampires. There’s no end in sight for television shows and movies featuring vampires these days.

I’m excited about the cast for this flick and it’s definitely something I look forward to.

Now for the good stuff! Here are the first images of Bettany and Cam Gigandet in costume on the set of Priest thanks to JFX Online as well as one of two of the vampires thanks to IESB. Gigandet plays a sheriff who joins Bettany on his quest.

Paul Bettany in dark Jedi-looking robes as Ivan Isaacs, the warrior priest

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