Stylish New Teaser Trailer For 'Priest'

Priest movie comic book Paul Bettany trailer

Director Scott Charles Stewart and his Legion star Paul Bettany will return in another stylishly macabre thriller next year in Priest, an adaptation of the Korean manga from Toykopop.

The official teaser trailer for Priest has made its way online and offers an early look at the film's visual style and design - including that of its vampires, which (thankfully) bear a much stronger resemblance to the Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth than to Twilight's Robert Pattinson.

Priest mixes elements of the western, horror, and fantasy genres into a tale of a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by centuries of war between humanity and the vampires.  Things start to heat up when the titular character (Bettany) violates Church law and sets out to rescue his niece (Lily Collins), who was kidnapped by a horde of the blood-sucking demons.

Vampire-slaying action sequences, a futuristic world that looks like a cross between Dark City and Judge Dredd, and the standard "objects flying out at the camera" 3D bits abound in this teaser, which offers little to no insight about the film's plot.  But that's why it's called a teaser, right?

Check out the trailer (courtesy of Reelz Channel) below:

Legion did not exactly leave a great impression on moviegoers this year, with good reason.  Stewart is again working with some more intriguing source material that is not of his own creation - not to mention that his previous collaboration with Bettany was his directorial debut, having worked primarily as a visual effects supervisor prior to that. Could second time be the charm for Bettany & Stewart?  The fact that the setting is no longer that of a dilapidated diner run by a cantankerous Dennis Quaid bodes well.

Priest will arrive in regular and 3D theaters in the U.S. on May 13th, 2011.

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