'Priest' Movie Adaptation Gets A Director

There's been word of an adaptation of the TokyoPop (the company which publish it in English) graphic novel Priest for a while now but it looks like things are finally getting moving for sure.

Starting with the signing on of a director: FX guru Scott Charles Stewart. The film is also confirmed to be written by Cory Goodman, whose first writing projects are the upcoming Kung Fu and Brood.

At one point it was even rumored that Priest would star 300's Gerard Butler.

For any of you who may not know (which included myself up until today) the graphic novel is set in a world where humans and vampires have been at war for centuries. It tells the story of a warrior priest who disobeys the church and heads off to track down a band of murderous vampires who have kidnapped his niece.

All in a days work, I guess...

The number of comic book adaptations getting made into films these days makes you wonder how many are still out there that haven't been eyed already. It seems Hollywood is looking to other countries for their material, and it looks like they've chosen a quality piece of work this time around.

Director Stewart's experience in visual effects (having worked on such movies as Sin City, Iron Man and Grindhouse) is certainly reassuring considering that the film looks like it's going to be quite heavy in that department. And looking at some of the artwork I really hope they do the source material justice.

Source: FirstShowing

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