Pretty Little Liars: 10 Biggest Twists, Ranked

When it comes to mystery-themed teen dramas with crazy twists, look no further than Pretty Little Liars. In a time before Riverdale was the reigning champ presiding over all things teen mystery and/or supernatural drama, Pretty Little Liars held that crown firm. This was a show that popularized social media campaigns and live-tweeting.

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During its original few seasons, this series used to blow up on Twitter every single night with millions of interactions about the shocks and surprises spawning across all seven seasons of PLL. There's been so many twists, reveals, mysteries, and deaths, it can be hard to keep track of it all. We're ranking the 10 biggest twists from the series.

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10 The reveal of Uber A

This reveal was not nearly as impactful as it should have been because fans of the series had long been theorizing that a twin would be introduced. While some fans were hoping for Alison to have a twin, because that's what happens in the books, others hypothesized that Aria was the one who would get the twin because there were numerous hints about Aria being A.

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It was a let-down to find out Spencer was the one with the twin. It was alluded to during the season but there are numerous plot holes in the series at large about why "Alex Drake" doesn't make sense. Plus, the accent was a horrible addition to the character.

9 Cece is Charles

The story of Cece is a seriously complicated one. She was the daughter of Mary Drake, who was the twin of Alison's mother. Yeah, complicated is an understatement. Cece was revealed to be transgender. When born, she was named Charles. Then, after undergoing her transition, she changed her name to Charlotte and eventually shortened it to the nickname Cece.

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Originally, Cece was known as an old friend of Alison's but then it was revealed she was "Big A." She tried to kill Wilden and the liars on multiple occasions. This twist is known for being shocking but also incredibly confusing. It creates many timeline problems.

8 Toby is dead

This would be the first of two times Toby actually fakes his death but at the end of season three, Spencer was lead to believe Toby was dead. She and Mona stumbled upon his body at a campsite and it had the same tattoo. We find out later, this wasn't actually Toby's body.

But the premise of losing the love her life sends Spencer stumbling off the deep end. A funeral is even organized for Toby leading fans to also believe Toby had been killed off. Unable to handle her grief, Spencer ended the episode by checking herself in at Radley.

7 Jessica DiLaurentis has a twin

Spencer being a twin at the end of the series wasn't even the first time that plotline had been accomplished! The show needed to introduce another morally grey character with a dark side and so they gave Jessica Dilaurentis a weird secret twin by the name of Mary Drake, also known as the mother of Cece Drake.

Mary Drake is also secretly Spencer's real mother! It's a super twisted family history between the Dilaurentis family, the Hastings, and the Drakes. Mary Drake became a bigger threat later in the series to seek revenge for her child's death after Cece was murdered.

6 Maya's death

This death was a big deal for PLL fans because Maya had quickly become a fan-favorite character. Emison was popular from the moment Pretty Little Liars revealed Emily was in love with Alison but during the time Maya was on the show, we all still thought Alison was dead.

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Maya made for a great first girlfriend for Emily and fans were really disappointed when she died. However, no one can deny it was an incredibly shocking moment, one that helped set the tone of what to expect moving forward. This was like Pretty Little Liars officially coming out and saying, "Be scared, no is officially safe."

5 The Ezra bombshell

There was a time when many PLL fans were predicting Ezra had some kind of connection with A. Whether he was Big A or Uber A or just an accomplice, people thought Ezra was shady. Who wouldn't? He was a high school teacher dating a student. Well, he was shady, but not for reasons people were anticipating.

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We found out that Ezra had been spying on Aria and her friends from the very beginning of the show so he could write some kind of creepy novel. Maybe he wasn't A but Ezra was still not a good guy by any stretch of the imagination. He exploited a group of teenage girls for his own benefit, and that was seriously shocking.

4 Toby is working with "A"

This was another huge twist in the early days of the show. Revealed in season three, we learned that Toby Cavanaugh, half of the super popular "Spoby" pairing, was none other than a member of the A-team. He worked with the original A herself, Mona Vanderwaal.

However, Toby claims that the only reason he was ever working for A is that he wanted to keep Spencer safe. There were plenty of fans who didn't believe that reasoning and continued to suspect him well into the end of the show. But despite this, Spencer and Toby got back together and ended up staying together in the series finale.

3 Alison gets pregnant with Emily's child

Emily and Alison might be one of the most popular relationships on Pretty Little Liars but it's hard to be super supportive of Alison's pregnancy. She conceived her twins through medical rape. It's actually extremely disturbing. When this news came out on the show it was pretty shocking.

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Even fans of the couple felt conflicted about how they should feel about their faves having a child through such sinister means. Alison was forcibly impregnated with Emily's eggs after Emily's eggs were stolen and harvested from her body. I mean, it's a mess no matter which way you spin it, but it does create one of the most insane and twisted moments on the show.

2 Alison is alive

The entire original premise of Pretty Little Liars hinged on the death of one of the most popular, and hated, teenage girls in all of Rosewood. Alison DiLaurentis was known for causing chaos and discord wherever she went. Many wanted to be her but even more, they wanted to see her dead. Her conniving, manipulative ways put her in the crosshairs of some very dangerous people.

It was hinted at that Alison could be alive for five seasons but when the grand reveal came in the fifth season it was still incredibly shocking. Who could get forget the look on all the liars' faces when they saw their former queen bee was still alive and with a vast vault of deadly secrets?

1 Mona is revealed as A

This one the first time that A was revealed officially on the series. Mona was discovered by the telltale gum wrapper which helped Spencer put two-and-two together, finally, seemingly, ending the A mystery once and for all. Of course, we know it wasn't that simple. The A mystery continued on well after Mona had been unmasked but her reveal remains one of the show's best-executed twists.

It made sense, it followed the books, there was a great build-up and delivery, plus Mona's motives were consistent with her character and her reasoning for doing what she did align with everything we knew. It was one of the few show twists that didn't come with multiple plot holes.

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