Which Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Characters Are Like The OG PLL Characters?

The Perfectionists is a spin-off of Pretty Little Liars, but a lot of these characters seem very familiar.

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists is a new television series based on the novel The Perfectionists by Sara Shepard. Since it is a spin-off series of Pretty Little Liars, it does feature two classics: Alison DiLaurentis, who is now a teaching assistant at Beacon Heights University, and Mona Vanderwaal, the head of recruitment and admissions at BHU.

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But when it comes to the other characters on this show - the ones that fans are just now meeting - which of them are like the OG characters from PLL? Let’s find out...

10 Ava Jalali Is Like Hanna Marin

Ava Jalali is a fashionable trendsetter, but she also has a talent for hacking and coding. In her spare time, she can be found sketching and designing clothes, and her own outfits are always a highlight of each episode. This reminds us of Hanna Marin, the fashionista from the original series! Hanna grew up to be a fashion designer, and her style is legendary. She may not have been into hacking and coding, but she was into someone who was - Caleb! Both of these girls are also a great blend of sugar and spice, as they are sweet but can be feisty.

9 Caitlin Park-Lewis Is Like Spencer Hastings

Caitlin Park-Lewis is the intelligent daughter of two overachieving mothers. She is seen studying, running and working to achieve all of her goals. Comments are often made that she always gets what she wants, easily, but we have already seen her putting in time, effort, and hard work. This sounds a lot like Spencer Hastings! The Hastings family is full of high expectations, so no matter what Spencer was doing, she was giving it her all and expecting success (which usually came about, if not always). Both of these characters are smart, athletic and have preppy styles.

8 Dylan Walker Is Like Toby Cavanaugh

Dylan Walker is a talented cellist who is extremely critical of himself, and while Toby Cavanaugh can’t play any instrument that we know of, we see similarities between these two.

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First, they have long and lean builds. They also both have sensitive sides, as fans saw Dylan writing music for his boyfriend and saw Toby building a house for Spencer and then Yvonne. Overall, both of these guys are kind and caring individuals, but when the situation calls for it, they speak out and they stand up for themselves and for the ones they love in big and bold ways.

7 Taylor Hotchkiss Is Like Alison DiLaurentis

Taylor Hotchkiss was a teacher at BHU before she faked being gone and went into hiding. Man, does that sound familiar! It has already been mentioned on this show that Taylor is like Alison DiLaurentis. They look alike, with long blonde waves, they have lived through similar things, since Ali was thought to be gone forever but then reappeared, and Taylor said that they think alike, as well (which is how Ali was able to find out that Taylor is still alive). It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, but already, these two are very similar.

6 Claire Hotchkiss Is Like Jessica DiLaurentis

Claire Hotchkiss is Nolan's and Taylor’s mother and the founder of Hotchkiss Technologies. She is a smart, refined woman with money and power, and so far, she reminds us of Jessica DiLaurentis. Mrs. D didn’t start some big tech company, but she had a son, a daughter and lots of secrets. Their daughters are alike, as stated above, so these two characters surely possess some of the same traits, too. Plus, Claire seems mysterious, and after seeing that Mrs. D had a twin sister, had Jason with Peter Hastings and adopted Charlotte, there is no telling what will be revealed about Claire!

5 Dana Booker Is Like Linda Tanner

Dana Booker, a former FBI agent, is now head of security at BHU, and she is just like Linda Tanner, the lieutenant who worked with state investigator Gabriel Holbrook in Rosewood! Every time the Liars got into trouble, Tanner would pop up and poke around, trying to uncover secrets, and that is exactly what Dana can be seen doing now, on this new series. These two strong, smart and no-nonsense women even sort of look alike, and while we can’t say we like them, we can say that they add some thrilling drama to already exciting stories.

4 Nolan Hotchkiss Is Like Noel Kahn

Nolan Hotchkiss, Claire’s son and Taylor’s brother, is a born leader, and his OG match is Noel Kahn. Both of these guys are attractive and charismatic, making people want to be around them; the main characters of this show acted like his perfect posse, while characters on the original show had crushes on him, went to his parties and then realized he could not be trusted.

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Since Nolan, like Noel, had a sad and surprising exit, we will never know if he was actually a good guy or a not-so-good one (Or will we??), but when he was around, he gave off definite Noel vibes.

3 Ray Hogadorn Is Like Eddie Lamb

Ray Hogadorn works at BHU, and Mona’s program put him, Alison, and Caitlin into a group together, meaning they must have something in common. Even though fans have just met Ray, he makes us think of someone from Pretty Little Liars: Eddie Lamb. Eddie was a nurse at Radley Sanitarium until he suddenly quit and left Rosewood. It seemed like he knew much more than he let on, and we are already getting that feeling with Ray here, too. They are also hardworking men, employed at big institutions where they wear uniforms of sorts while on the job.

2 Jeremy Beckett Is Like Wren Kingston

Jeremy Beckett is a seemingly charming and witty Brit, who also happens to be Caitlin's real boyfriend. Hmm, there is another Brit within the PLL universe - Wren Kingston! So far, not much is known about Jeremy, but with a show like this, fans know to be prepared for anything. Just look at Wren… He was engaged to Melissa Hastings, kissed Spencer then Hanna, then ended up with Alex Drake, meaning he is the biological father of Emily's and Alison's twin daughters and meaning he ended up being turned into a diamond necklace. We’ll stay tuned to see if this Brit meets a similar fate!

1 Mason Gregory Is Like Lyndon James

Mason Gregory is Nolan's childhood friend and Caitlin's ex-boyfriend, as well as a suspect so far. His suspicious behavior is similar to that seen in Lyndon James, who was also known as Nate St. Germain. On Pretty Little Liars, Lyndon pretended to be Nate, Maya's cousin. Is Mason pretending to be someone he is not? Did he take care of Nolan and end his life? Can he be trusted? Only time will tell, so brb and ttyl; we are going to leave now, to go watch the first few episodes of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists once again!

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