The Perfectionists: Everything We Need To Know About The Pretty Little Liars Spin-Off

Pretty Little Liars is still one of the most beloved teen shows. For seven seasons, fans were invested in the mysterious town of Rosewood and the five girls who lived there. There were rumors about a season eight, but unfortunately for those of us who adore the show, nothing materialized.

All hope is not lost, however, because we're getting a PLL spin-off. Ever since news broke in 2017 about The Perfectionists, fans have definitely been looking forward to it.

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Although fans would love another season of PLL, this is totally the next best thing, and we're curious about this exciting new show. Here is everything that we need to know about the new PLL spin-off, The Perfectionists.

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8 Two Of The Characters Are From The PLL Universe

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: THE PERFECTIONISTS - Freeform's "Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists" stars Sasha Pieterse as Alison and Janel Parrish as Mona. (Freeform/Kurt Iswarienkio)

The most important aspect of a successful spin-off is having characters that the audience already cares about... and wants to see again. Sometimes a spin-off will focus on only one character and give them a whole brand new life and universe. In this case, two characters from PLL will be starring on this new show.

PLL fans definitely need to know that Mona Vanderwaal and Alison DiLaurentis are on The Perfectionists. Thankfully, the actresses Janel Parrish and Sasha Pieterse are reprising their roles.

It'll be nice to see some familiar faces on this new show, and although it's not set in Rosewood, it still feels close enough to the world of PLL that we're excited to check it out.

7 It's Based On A Book Series By The PLL Author

Sara Shepard penned the Pretty Little Liars book series, and The Perfectionists TV show is also based on a book series written by the same author. There are two novels: The Perfectionists (published in 2014) and The Good Girls (published in 2015).


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Eagle-eyed fans noticed the similarities between the PLL books and the TV adaptation, including some of the ways that certain mysterious plotlines were wrapped up... along with, of course, the many things that were completely different. If we've read the two books in the Perfectionists series, we'll be glad to play detective once again when we watch the show.

6 It's Another Amazing Mystery

The major storyline on The Perfectionists sounds like just what Pretty Little Liars fans have been waiting for: it's about a group of girls who are wrapped up in the mystery of a student who was killed.

Perhaps this will be the storyline for the first season and then, if there are multiple seasons, the show will move beyond that to focus on other mysteries. After all, that's what happened with PLL: although Ali's crazy disappearance was the main focus for the first few seasons, there was a time jump when season 6B premiered. Suddenly, we were watching the girls five years older, coming back to Rosewood and dealing with more creepy and strange messages.

5 Ali Is A College Teacher Now

When PLL returned from its time jump, we learned that Ali was now not only a high school teacher but she was teaching at the very school that all of the liars attended. It was definitely odd to see her in the same hallways, especially given all of the crazy stuff that went down there.

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Now that Ali is on The Perfectionists, she's a college teacher. The show is set in a town called Beacon Heights and Ali teaches at Beacon Heights University. In the books, it's a high school, so this is one change that was made. Mona also works at the university, which will be interesting to see.

4 Ali And Emily Are Having Relationship Problems

Ali and Emily got their happy ending in the series finale of Pretty Little Liars. What does the spin-off mean for that storyline?

Sasha Pieterse told Teen Vogue that Ali and Emily are having relationship problems now. She said,  “Ali and Emily will always love each other. The amount of stuff that's happened to them, and the amount of things that Alison has done wrong, it's really complicated. When you get to being an adult...and the resolve of ‘A’ not being there anymore, you're left with the pieces. [Ali] is just trying to pick up and put together all the pieces.”

3 The First Season Only Has 10 Episodes

We should also know that season one of The Perfectionists only has ten episodes. While fans always want more of the TV series that they enjoy, it's definitely true that sometimes, a season is bloated with a few episodes that don't measure up to the rest of them.

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With a ten-episode season, fans can really get invested in the characters, storylines, and relationships. It's always best to leave viewers wanting more and getting really excited for a season two instead of making so many episodes that fans become bored. We're pretty sure that the show will do well and we'll get a few seasons out of it (fingers crossed).

2 Ali And Mona Might Actually Be Friendly Now

It's interesting for fans to know that now, Ali and Mona seem like they might end up friends. This is not exactly something that we would have expected from years of watching the mysteries on PLL. After all, Mona and Ali were both big parts of the major mystery surrounding "A" and Ali's disappearance, but they weren't exactly having sleepovers and gossiping over lattes.

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As Sasha Pieterse told Teen Vogue, “Janel and I get along so well off camera, and it's been really fun to have this different relationship. Before, we were always angry at each other and slapping each other, having this crazy grudge. It's interesting to have this ‘frenemy’ relationship, and they slowly start trusting each other.”

1 There Are Three Other Main Characters Who We'll Meet

While the book series has five main teenage girl characters, the TV adaptation has three main characters besides Mona and Ali. They are Dylan Walker (played by Eli Brown), Caitlin Park-Lewis (played by Sydney Park), and Ava Jalali (played by Sofia Carson).

These three characters become part of the storyline surrounding the student who was killed, and Ali plays detective right along with them.

We can't wait to watch the pilot and we have a feeling that if we were big PLL fans, we're going to become just as obsessed with this new spin-off. Goodbye Rosewood, hello Beacon Heights. We hope that you're just as creepy.

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