Pretty Little Liars: 10 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About The Main Characters

Even though Pretty Little Liars aired its final episode in 2017, we still have so many questions about Aria, Hanna, Mona, and all the rest!

Even though Pretty Little Liars aired its final episode in 2017, many fans are still talking about the series. The series follows a group of friends who live in the fictional town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania. One year after the disappearance of one of their friends, this group of besties has to come together to solve the mystery of the strange messages they've been receiving that seem to be related to their friend's disappearance.

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Interest was renewed when a single season of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists aired and we thought we would finally get some answers for some of the questions that the series left us with. Unfortunately, The Perfectionists was cancelled after only a single season, making it the second Pretty Little Liars spinoff to be cancelled, and we didn't get answers to a lot of our questions.

To see 10 questions we still have about the main characters of Pretty Little Liars, keep reading!

10 Why Did Aria Have A File At Radley?

Radley is the name of the mental institution near Rosewood. This facility became a huge part of the series due to the fact that so many characters either spent time as a patient in Radley or would sneak in to Radley to try to find answers.

Eddie Lamb, an employee at Radley, said that Aria looked incredibly familiar at one point in the series. While this could have been just a coincidence, fans really started to wonder what was going on with Aria when it was revealed that she already had a patient file at Radley. Unfortunately, this was never explained, but it did stir up some theories about Aria potentially being A.D.

9 Why Did Mike And Wesley Skip The Wedding?

Pretty Little Liars is a series that mostly focuses on the Liars, a group of friends that were being tormented by The A-Team. But, there are also side-plots that deal with the Liars' families and friends and all the drama that goes on with them.

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Aria and Ezra's relationship with each other was rocky through a lot of the series, but things turned out pretty happy when the two of them got married. This should've been the happiest day of their lives and a day that their friends and family were happy to come celebrate with them, right? So, why did neither of their brothers attend the wedding? Mike and Wesley were both missing, but it was never exactly explained why.

8 What Did Maya Know?

Maya was only a side character, but she was dating Emily in the earlier parts of the series, which put her in the spotlight and, unfortunately, right in the target of The A-Team. Any fan of the series will know that Maya's death actually had nothing to do with The A-Team's drama.

While in Radley, Mona repeatedly said, "Miss Aria, you're a killer. Not Ezra's wife." Fans with a serious attention to detail noticed that the first letter of each word in this sentence spelled out the phrase "Maya knew." Could this have been a coincidence? Maybe, but since Mona was often speaking in riddles and giving the Liars hints, we don't think so.

7 What Did A.D. Have Against Hanna?

We know that A.D. was just after the Liars in general. Each of the Liars had some pretty terrible things happen to them throughout the course of the series, but it's hard to deny that a single Liar seemed to have it worse. From being hit by a car to having her entire family blackmailed, they went after Hanna Marin way harder than any of the other Liars.

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But why? At first, it's easy to think that it was simply because of the fact that Mona and Hanna were good friends and Mona had easier access to Hanna than the other Liars. But, since terrible things kept happening to Hanna long after Mona came clean or while she was in Radley, it just seems like A.D. had a random vendetta against Hanna.

6 Did Alison Know It Was Mona?

Mona was the leader of The A-Team for the first two seasons of Pretty Little Liars. Although Mona and Alison made up eventually and decided to at least try to play friendly, things were initially pretty rocky for them. Alison wasn't the nicest girl in school and Mona was often the target of Alison's cruelty.

Mona started sending Alison messages in order to harass and scare her before she turned her attention on the Liars. At various points in the series, Alison hinted to the Liars that she knew exactly who was behind all the messages, but she never actually told them. So, did she know that Mona was tormenting them? Why didn't she tell them when she was sneaking back to Rosewood to see them?

5 Why Was Alison's Bracelet On Bethany?

The main thing that made people believe that Alison was dead during her disappearance was the fact that he body had been found, buried. But, it was revealed eventually that the body actually belonged to a girl named Bethany who had been in Radley with CeCe. She was wearing an outfit that both CeCe and Alison had, causing her attacker to become confused.

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This is slightly confusing, but it totally makes sense in the context of Pretty Little Liars. But, the one part of this that doesn't make sense is that Bethany was found wearing Alison's bracelet, one that had her name on it that matched one each of the Liars wore. Where did she get Alison's bracelet and why was she wearing it?

4 What Was In The Barrel?

This question takes us all the way back to season five. Although there were two more seasons after this episode in which this question could have been answered and explained, it wasn't and we're all left wondering about it.

During the fifth season, Spencer and Toby went to the storage locker that a member of The A-Team had rented out. There, they found a mysterious barrel that had fans everywhere wondering about. The barrel was opened by a detective and although it was implied that there was a body inside, we never actually found out if that's really what it was or who the body belonged to.

3 Do Emily And Alison Know Who The Dad Is?

Emily donated her eggs in order to get some extra money, and the ended up being stolen and implanted into Alison by a member of The A-Team. This is a seriously sinister plot and definitely one of the worst things that they did to the main characters.

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At the end of the series, it was revealed that the father of the children was Wren. Since he was one of the people in on the plot to get Alison pregnant, this makes sense. But it makes us wonder - did Alison and Emily ever find out who the dad was?

2 How Did CeCe Have College Roommates?

CeCe was a really mysterious character in Pretty Little Liars. During one episode in the fourth season of the show, Aria talked to her old roommate from college, Julia. Totally normal, right?

Well, not quite. The main thing we know about CeCe is that she had been a patient at Radley for years. So, how did she have a college roommate if she had never actually gone to college or left Radley before? Was Julia lying to Aria about how she knew CeCe? Or was this just a mistake on the part of the writers?

1 Who Was Alison's Story About?

The Halloween episodes of Pretty Little Liars were always the creepiest ones. In one, Alison told a story about a girl who killed her twin sister during a fight. While this could have just been a clever Easter egg, referencing the fact that Alison had an evil twin in the book series, things got weird after that.

When one of the girls from Alison's story came to visit Hanna's mom, it left us all with some serious questions. Why did Ashley seem to recognize that girl? Was she real or a ghost? Unfortunately, none of these questions were ever answered.

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