Pretty Little Liars: Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

The girls of Pretty Little Liars can be devious, but they aren't all Slytherins... there are Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws in this series!

Each character from Pretty Little Liars brings his or her own quirks and strengths to this exciting teen drama TV show. And each house found at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is known for distinct traits.

Potterheads (fans of Harry Potter) love sorting people into these four houses - Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin - and just as we each have one we identify with most, there is a fit for PLL characters, as well.

Who belongs where? Where would the Sorting Hat put these people? Who will end up in the same house? What does it all say about these characters? Let’s find out, as we sort the Pretty Little Liars characters into Hogwarts houses!

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10 Spencer Hastings - Slytherin

Spencer Hastings takes on a leadership role within this group of main characters. She comes from a family of overachievers, so she works super hard to excel, whether she is in the classroom, on the field or working to figure out another A-focused mystery. 

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Due to Spencer’s ambition, determination and leadership skills, she would probably be sorted in Slytherin. This house can carry sinister vibes, but there are kind students found here, and on the other hand, Spencer would do just about anything to reach her goals... so this seems like a good fit!

9 Aria Montgomery - Ravenclaw

Aria Montgomery is the artistic one of the group. She is into photography, she takes a pottery class, she writes, and she has an eclectic sense of style (including those pink stripes that used to be in her hair). All of this helps make her a Ravenclaw. 

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This house is known for wisdom, creativity, and originality - three traits which are found in Aria. She has this unique flair to everything she does. She is not afraid to be herself. And these positive aspects help her when it comes to her work life, her love life and her issues with A.

8 Emily Fields - Hufflepuff

Emily Fields is an athlete, as fans see her succeed in swimming. But she is also one of the most compassionate characters on this show; she has a big heart and goes out of her way to avoid conflict and to make others feel cared for. That being said, Emily would surely be sorted into Hufflepuff. A Hufflepuff is someone who is fair, patient, kind, modest, and loyal. Even when Emily was winning swim meets, she was staying humble. Even when the girls were being taunted by A, she remained calm and cool. Even when struggles arose in different relationships, Emily showed compassion.

7 Hanna Marin - Gryffindor

Hanna Marin may come across as a typical blonde, since she can have some ditzy moments and is into fashion. There is so much more to this character, though, and she seems like a Gryffindor! This esteemed house is notable for its courage, and there are plenty of Hanna moments which show her being brave and daring. She was never afraid to speak her mind. She used to be okay with shoplifting. She easily slid into the role of popular girl of the school. And most importantly, Hanna is a true friend, which is something that can be said for others in this house, like Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

6 Alison DiLaurentis - Slytherin

Another Slytherin on this list is Alison DiLaurentis. At the beginning of this TV show, Ali is not even around, and fans just get to know her through flashbacks - flashbacks that show her picking on people, saying mean comments and even cutting down her so-called best friends. 

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As the show progressed and Ali matured, she became kinder and realized she did not want to be that person, but she definitely will always have some Slytherin traits in her; she is certainly resourceful, she can be cunning, and - for better or for worse - she is quite clever.

5 Mona Vanderwaal - Slytherin

Mona Vanderwaal’s story is an interesting one… She used to be a nerd who Ali picked on, but after befriending Hanna, she was popular and pretty. And when it comes to the mystery of A, the main characters went back and forth with Mona, wondering if she could be trusted or not. In the end, she was a real friend and helped save the day… but she is still a Slytherin. Like Ali, she has this mind that works in such a unique way. Whether she was using tech gadgets to spy on someone, keeping Alex & Mary Drake in a dollhouse or figuring out how to truly help the Liars, she was always impressing people with wit and determination.

4 Ezra Fitz - Slytherin

Ezra Fitz was an English teacher at Rosewood High, but, more importantly, he was the love of Aria’s life. Remember when everyone thought he was A, though? Yes, due to his past and his traits, he could be considered a Slytherin. As mentioned, aspects of this house include resourcefulness, self-preservation, and cleverness, which are all found in Ezra. Even after he explained his lair and his history with Ali, he still used his quick thinking - but this time, it was when he joined forces with the Liars and helped solve all the mysteries of this series!

3 Toby Cavanaugh - Gryffindor

Toby Cavanaugh is the only other Gryffindor on this list. His on-again, off-again relationship with Spencer showed how chivalrous he is. His work with the police department showed how brave he is. His woodworking skills fall into the athletic realm, as he was obviously in shape.

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When looking back at his role, we feel for Toby, since he was a cop, yet he was heavily involved with everything the Liars were doing, in order to find and take down A. Through it all, though, he remained courageous, daring and kind, and he would be a great fit in this house.

2 Caleb Rivers - Ravenclaw

Caleb Rivers is a tech genius, and even before he was using these unique skills to take down A, he was selling his services at school, in order to make some extra cash. Caleb also had that bad boy vibe, which Hanna could not resist, so these two characters ended up married and expecting a kid together! All of this and more goes into Caleb being a Ravenclaw. He is clearly intelligent, with all his hacking ways. He is original, with his own style and an I-don’t-care attitude. But he is also very accepting, would never judge anyone and would always lend a helping hand.

1 CeCe Drake - Slytherin

Spoiler alert… CeCe Drake was revealed to be A. Furthermore, her mom, Mary Drake, was Jessica DiLaurentis’ twin sister, so CeCe was Alison’s cousin. Oh, and there’s more: Mary was revealed to be Spencer’s biological mother, so CeCe was also Spencer’s half-sister! And when it comes to her house at Hogwarts, she would be another Slytherin. Resourceful, cunning, determined and clever are just a few of the words related to this house, and they are almost understatements when it comes to CeCe. Just think about all that she pulled off over the course of this exciting television show!

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