The Ultimate Pretty Little Liars Gift Guide

Once upon a time, Pretty Little Liars came on TV, telling the story of Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Emily Fields and Alison DiLaurentis. The thrills, the romance, the mystery and the friendships brought fans back week after week, and all this time later, many people still re-watch this show and re-read the books. 

If anyone out there is searching for the perfect gift for a fan of this story, look no further; this gift guide contains fashionable items, games, accessories and the complete series itself, which are all things that any fan would love to own and enjoy!

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10 Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Series 


From that first episode, which showed Ali disappearing, to the time jump that featured weddings and pregnancies, this DVD set is full of every twist and turn these friends faced!

This is, of course, the number one item on this list, since a true follower of this series should own it in its entirety and since new groups of pals can get together and follow this journey from start to finish. This big-ticket item would make a great present during the holiday season or for a special birthday surprise, so keep it in mind.  

9 CafePress Pretty Little Liars Mug


A huge part of this show was A, and a smart gift option is a mug, which can be used for coffee, tea and beyond. This particular one comes with a message that reminds everyone that A is always around, knowing everything.

It holds 11 ounces of liquid, but a mega mug option is available, too, for the Spencer Hastings out there who would prefer 20 ounces of coffee instead!  This product is made out of durable white ceramic, it has a classic look, it is professionally printed with this fun message, and it is safe for the dishwasher.

8 FEEL.Q- Pretty Little Liars Cover for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S 


This textured, rubber case shows off high-quality and durable graphics that are nods to Pretty Little Liars, such as lips, shovels, and envelopes, as well as names of characters.

Fellow fans who see this out in the world will surely compliment it, and this item could even start a whole convo about theories and favorite moments. Not only does this neat cover feature PLL artwork, but it will also protect a phone, as it is slightly raised in the front. Whether someone is shopping for a friend, a sister or a television buddy, this affordable option is a good one, no matter the occasion!

7 Pretty Little Liars Pendant/Necklace


“Got a secret, can you keep it” ...  All those who watch this show know this theme song, and now, the popular lyrics can be worn on this pretty necklace! The round and imprinted pendant is on a 20" silver chain, and this item can be found on Amazon Prime, which is always nice when shopping.

A super-smart idea is to buy a few of these, so that gal pals can all own a matching piece of jewelry together - just like the name bracelets that Alison bought for Emily, Spencer, Hanna and Aria.

6 Spencer Hastings Mug


Who is single? Who is taken? And who, in their mind, is dating Spencer Hastings?? Don’t worry - Other characters from this story are available on other versions, as well, but it makes sense to put Spencer’s name on a coffee mug! This gift idea is made from durable ceramic that is safe for the dishwasher and the microwave, and the graphics will never fade.

Any fan of the TV show - especially those who are still crushing on this smart and driven brunette - would definitely enjoy receiving this mug and would totally love re-watching episodes while sipping out of this.  

5 SANAKB Single Taken Dating Toby Cavanaugh 


On a similar note, there is this T-shirt … All fans of Pretty Little Liars have their favorite Liars, their favorite couples and their favorite male characters, and Toby Cavanaugh - the sweet and talented Toby - holds a special place in many hearts.

That being said, people who would rather be dating him can wear this funny tee, which is made out of 100 percent cotton. Yes, just imagine the look on a recipient’s face, as they open up this thoughtful gift. It would be priceless, so consider this shirt when shopping in the future or right this very second!

4 Pretty Little Liar Cap 


Another stylish gift idea would be this cap, which has the words “Pretty Little Liar”, in that iconic font, on it. Fashion is a big part of this story, and people can look as fashionable as their fave character while wearing this. This product also has an adjustable closure and comes in a quality cotton that is very soft and comfortable.

Any fan, no matter their age or gender, would look fab in this baseball cap, so maybe buy a couple, in order to give out this branded accessory during celebrations, on holidays and whenever it is time to rewatch the entire series again.

3 Ivy & Clover Pretty Little Liars Inspired Charm Bracelet 


One more amazing fashion accessory on this guide is this charm bracelet, which is another Prime item! It has a silver chain and adorable charms that Ali would just love and that fans will enjoy oohing and ahhing over together; there are things that A communicates through, like an envelope, a phone and a computer. There is a shoe since the clothes on this series make up some of the best parts.

There are also some messages, such as “best friends" (since friendship is a huge aspect here) and "Got a secret, can you keep it - A" (as that theme song is legendary).

2 Pretty Little Liars Untold Secrets Board Game 


Everyone who is anyone has read these books and seen this show … But who all has played the PLL board game? This gift comes with everything needed for pure fun, in a game that allows players to travel the board, answer questions about the show and unravel secrets about each other.

There is a game board, and there are cards, a "secrets" box, Did You Know? cards, a die, playing pieces and instructions. The 500 questions should keep people finding out and revealing secrets for quite some time, just like in this thrilling story. 

1 Pretty Little Liars Complete Novel Collection 


Here is a secret: Not all fans of Pretty Little Liars have read the books! The television series was more popular and known, but it all started in a book series by Sara Shephard. Therefore, when doing some serious shopping for an awesome gift for a true fan, think about purchasing the complete novel collection.

It includes all 17 books, which are hardcover and unabridged versions and which have neat titles such as “Perfect”, “Wicked”, “Ruthless”, “Burned” and “Toxic”. Yes, those titles alone should make everyone want to read or re-read these dramatic tales from start to finish, right here and right now!

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