Pretty Little Liars: The 10 Best Outfits, Ranked

Pretty Little Liars was a soapy teen thriller, known for its juicy plot twists...but also for the girls' stunning wardrobe. Here are PLL's best looks.

Throughout seven seasons of Pretty Little Liars, the titular Liars dealt with blackmail, kidnapping, disappearances, murder, and lots of ups and downs in their romantic lives. What got them through all of it were their close friendships — and maybe also their killer looks. 

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Each episode was a veritable cornucopia of fashionable outfits for people to drool over. No matter what was going on — whether the Liars were heading to a hoedown, a fashion show, or just to school, the girls were reliably wearing something amazing. Here are 10 of their best outfits from the show, ranked. 

10 Aria's Comic Book Set

Aria was usually the most adventurous of the Liars with her outfits. She often went big, daring to try things like mixing three different patterns together or an outfit like the one above: a shirt and skirt set with a comic book-inspired print. Most of the bubbles say something inspiring like, "This is beautiful," or "Let's go!"

This is a brave combination to try. The mixed print could look too busy on a lot of people, but Aria succeeds in pairing it well with the bright yellow purse. It doesn't take over her appearance; it looks great.

9 Emily's Catwalk Look

It's hard to tell which of these outfits from the school fashion show is more perfect — Hanna's layered skirt and feathered cropped shrug or Emily's elevated wild style. For this one, we're giving it to Emily because this outfit is so far outside her normal athleisure looks.

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The cheetah-print skirt seems like it's straight from Aria's closet, but the leather fingerless gloves are all Emily at her most fashionable. The sheer shirt topped with the fur cowl is a fierce look for our usually casual Liar. Fans of the show always loved to see Emily get out of her comfort zone, fashion-wise and otherwise. This is an iconic look in PLL fashion history.

8 Aria's Leather Pleated Skirt and Skulls

Aria's looks always has an edge, and this is no exception. It's such a classic Aria wardrobe choice that it's almost easy to miss, but we would be remiss if we didn't include it on this list. The pleated leather skirt is perfectly complemented by the purse with the box of chocolates print. The skull shirt and matching rings pair perfectly with the chain necklaces she's wearing, as well as the barely noticeable white fishnet tights.

The whole look is softened a bit by her curls and braids. Her makeup is understated too, which keeps the outfit from becoming completely too much for school. Unlike the fashion show looks, this outfit is a great inspiration for daily wear.

7 Spencer's Squiggly Cardigan

No one rocks a cardigan like Spencer. This three-quarter sleeve neutral cardigan sidesteps boring with the addition of squiggly ribbon down the front. It's hard to tell if the black pants are leggings or Ponte trousers, but either way they look phenomenal. Spencer brings it all together with the long side braid and black earrings. Of course, she's wearing her usual thin-strapped watch too, which is one of the staple accessories of Spencer's outfits when she's dressed down — as much as she's ever dressed down, of course.

Whatever lip color she's put on is perfect too. It looks a little darker than what she normally goes for, but it also helps keep the outfit from veering into dull territory. Spencer's outfits are always an inspiration for preppy fashion, like a J. Crew catalog come to life.

6 Emily's Athleisure Wear

In many ways, Emily was often way ahead of her time in the fashion department. This athlete was rocking fabulous athleisure looks back when athleisure was still worn mostly by lazy college students going to early morning classes. Now, athleisure is probably one of the most common daily wear looks for a lot of women. And why wouldn't it be? Yoga pants, tall socks, tank tops — it's all (usually) so soft, and so easy to run around in throughout the day.

While the rest of the Liars were often dressed in head-to-toe couture, blazers, and high-waisted pants, Emily always looked comfy without sacrificing beauty or sense of style.

5 Mona's Preppy Collegiate Look

Mona played so many roles on Pretty Little Liars over the years, but was always a character people loved and wanted to see more of.

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Here she rocks a preppy collegiate look — ribbed shirt tucked into a skirt that's just shy of being casual business wear. But Mona makes it a bit more fashionable by adding little edgy touches that would make Aria proud. The skirt is fashioned by a leather clasp. Her layered necklaces have a spiky string, and the feathered choker helps bring a wild edge to the otherwise preppy look. They're perfect twists on a classic look for a one-time villain.

4 Emily's Cargo Mini Skirt

The Liars were often wearing mini skirts, so it's hardly surprising that a lot of them end up on this list of great outfits. Hanna and Spencer have both dressed in their most classic looks, which are stunning but also a little too extra for public school. Emily, on the other hand, manages to bring her mini skirt down to earth by picking a cargo look that matches her bag. It's still feminine, but it also fits in with her more comfortable athletic looks. It's a perfect mix, and the neutral colors really bring the focus to her face and shiny hair.

It's a slightly more school-appropriate outfit while still being a bit sexy and a great encapsulation of Emily's personality.

3 Spencer's Sleeveless Leather Trench

Spencer often relied on pretty-but-fun preppy looks for her outfits throughout the show, but this sleeveless leather trench brings a slightly keen twist to her usual look. Of course, she's still got her white button-up on, and a tie is peeking out from the collar of the trench. But the leather trench is a great grown-up addition to her usual look, one that elevates it from classic to fashionable. The belt cinches her waist, keeping the out feminine and from being too baggy on her.

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Spencer pairs it with a thin, brown leather-strapped watch and delicate gold bracelets. Her plain nails and relaxed makeup keep the look from going over-the-top or into Aria's territory.

2 Emily's Heeled Letterman Jacket

Once again, both Emily and Hanna are rocking great looks in this picture. Hannah's got a perfect paired leather jacket with leather heels, which are a big leap away from her usual blazers. Her patterned pants also look more athleisure with that drawstring, and the print is something we'd expect from Aria.

But Emily has elevated her usual athleisure look to a more fashionable level. Her Nike heeled sneakers were so perfectly in style when this was shot, and she's also traded mini skirts or gym shorts for skinny jeans. But it's her numbered jersey shirt and letterman jacket that really bring this outfit together. The understated colors look great on her. It's an outfit that you could easily miss if you look away from the screen for a second, but it's a wonderful one.

1 Spencer's 1940s Halloween Costume

What a classic look. Spencer's blue dress in the third season Halloween episode is a natural choice for the preppiest of the Liars. She's dressed as Lauren Bacall's character in To Have and Have Not, Marie "Slim" Browning. Spencer nails this classic 1940s look. Navy blue is one of the best colors on her because it brings out her eyes and contrasts well with her hair. The shape of the dress is classic but just a bit sexy, which seems to always be Spencer's goal when she's dressing up. The long black gloves are a staple from the era, but they also work well for Spencer, matching the top black line of her dress. Of course, the pillbox fascinator she tops the outfit with is a perfectly coy addition. It pulls the whole look together, making it flawless and iconic.

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