Pretty Little Liars: 5 Couples That Are Perfect Together (& 5 That Make No Sense)

Relationships were a huge deal on Pretty Little Liars, and these are the 5 most perfect ships on the show, along with 5 that really made no sense.

Pretty Little Liars is a show that aired from 2010 through 2017 and was heavily focused on the mystery of a girl's disappearance. After her disappearance, her former best friends start getting strange messages that seem to be from their friend that has been missing for over a year. Who could they be from? How do they know all the friends' secrets?

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Although the series is heavily focused on the mystery of Alison's disappearance and the identity of the person sending them messages, there's also a ton of romance in the show. Some couples got together early and stayed together through the whole series, while others broke up fairly early on and we forgot they even dated. Remember Ben and Emily? Neither do we.

To see 5 couples in Pretty Little Liars that were totally perfect together and 5 that made no sense, keep reading!

10 Perfect Together: Spencer And Toby

Spencer Hastings and Toby Cavanaugh, also known affectionately by fans of the series as Spoby, is one couple that made perfect sense in the series. These two originally got together back in the first season of the series. Although their relationship was rocky and they had some major issues (like Toby being on The A-Team!), they managed to work it out.

Even though Toby seemed a little bit sketchy in the beginning of the series, we totally warmed up to him after Spencer started to develop feelings for him. The fact that the two of them ended up married is definitely one of the best parts of how the series ended.

9 Makes No Sense: Aria And Wesley

The fact that Wesley and Aria ever almost had a thing is one thing that many people who are fans of the series try their best to forget. Wesley is the younger brother of Ezra Fitz, and he first appears in the series in the third season. He causes some major problems for Aria and Ezra when he reveals some secrets about Ezra's past.

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Even though these two didn't officially date, it was really obvious that Wesley had a huge crush on Aria and many fans thought they had chemistry. They were totally flirty, but we're beyond glad that Wesley let go of this crush. Dating your boyfriend's younger brother? Not cool!

8 Perfect Together: Mona And Mike

The relationship between Mona Vanderwaal and Mike Montgomery is one that many fans forget about because of the fact that it stopped really being mentioned after a while. It was a fairly large focus of the series when the two of them first started to see each other, but then kind of faded into the background until they apparently broke up.

Unfortunately, this couple is one that we really didn't get that much information about, but we wish we had. Mona started dating Mike to get information from him about the Liars, but she ended up really falling for him. Considering what Mona was like in the series, that's actually surprisingly cute.

7 Makes No Sense: Alison And Ezra

What Alison's life was like before she disappeared was a huge mystery. Although Alison knew all of the Liars' secrets, they started to realize that they knew basically nothing about Alison, and a lot of the series focused on them trying to figure out the mystery of their former friend.

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One thing they found out was the fact that Alison and Ezra had a short-lived relationship the year before she had disappeared. Even though this was before Ezra became a teacher, this relationship is still one that was just too strange, especially considering he started writing a book about her after she disappeared.

6 Perfect Together: Spencer And Alex

No, not that Alex. For this perfect couple, we have to think all the way back to the very first season of Pretty Little Liars, before Spencer started to develop feelings for Toby. We're introduced to Alex Santiago when Spencer is practicing tennis at the country club her parents work at.

As she gets to know him, the two of them start to really develop feelings for each other and they start spending more and more time together at the club. Even though these two were adorable together, it's a relationship that The A-Team unfortunately ruined and they didn't stay together. Such a bummer!

5 Makes No Sense: Aria And Jason

Jason is the older brother of Alison, the girl who went missing prior to the start of Pretty Little Liars. At different times in the series, he came across as a pretty suspicious character, and the fact that he tended to flirt with Aria didn't help with that fact.

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Even though Jason had been flirty with Aria since the early seasons of the series, they didn't actually get together until the time jump in the final season. The two of them got into a relationship at some point in those five years and, honestly, it was weird. Luckily, the two of them broke up because of their different ideas about how they wanted to spend their lives.

4 Perfect Together: Emily And Maya

Emily and Maya started dating in the first season of the series. They met after Maya and her family moved into Alison's old house and Emily fell for her, even though she was already dating Ben. Maya really helped Emily learn more about herself and come out of her shell, and the two of them were so cute together.

Unfortunately, things in their personal lives were rocky and their relationship wasn't always easy. They were separated and even broke up a few times, which was so sad. It was officially over after Maya is killed during the second season.

3 Makes No Sense: Spencer And Caleb

Let's be honest, dating your best friend's ex is totally uncool. And the fact that Hanna and Caleb had been together before is only one of the reasons that Spencer and Caleb made no sense together.

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Seriously, Spencer and Toby were perfect together, so it was totally no fun seeing her with someone else. Especially when that someone else was so cute with her best friend. The two of them just looked awkward together and even Emily thought it was weird.

2 Perfect Together: Hanna And Caleb

Caleb came into the Liars' lives after Emily needed him to help her unlock her phone so she could call Maya. Even though he was pretty tough and seemed a little bit like he could be on The A-Team for a while, he was pretty charming and we see why Hanna fell for him.

The two of them broke up and got back together quite a few times, but the fact that they ended up married at the end of the series shows how much they were truly meant to be together.

1 Makes No Sense: Paige And Emily

Paige and Emily were one of the main relationships in the series for quite a while. The two of them met at school, as they were both on the swim team, and they started dating during the first season. They were off-and-on a few times, but they didn't end up staying together at the end of the series.

We can't deny that the two of them had some cute moments, but overall, they just weren't meant to be. The two of them started dating at a rough point in Emily's life in regards to The A-Team and her problems with Maya, and although Emily thought she was ready for a new relationship, she was just so much cuter with Maya.

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