Prediction: Transformers Is Gonna Be HUGE

Yes, I realize this prediction is a huge stretch (not) and very risky (yeah, right) but I just wanted to say right now and on the record that I think Michael Bay's Transformers movie is going to rock the box office.

So what prompted such a bold statement?

I received an email this morning announcing that Transformers movie tickets went on sale today for a preview showing of the movie next Monday, July 2nd at 8PM, so I figured I'd go and pick up some tickets. There's a new movie theater in town that offers reserved seating in all 13 theaters (yeah, I know... sweet) and that's where I went. Well it took me a while to get there because I called a few friends asking if they'd like to go and should I pick up tickets for them, etc.

Well by the time I got to the theater today at around 4PM I was lucky to find tickets for that July 2nd showing. It was about 90% sold out.

On the day the tickets went on sale. Six days prior to opening.

Yeah, this one's gonna be big.

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