Predicting Every Celebrity Identity In The Masked Singer

It's time to take a stab at decoding the clues given on the season 2 premiere of The Masked SingerThe show is a top-secret singing competition where celebrities from all walks of life face off against one another while performing in elaborate costumes and masks that conceal their identity. The competition revealed to fans that anyone could be involved, after seeing NFL players, singers, and Olympians perform. Back in January, Fox renewed the competition series for a second season as The Masked Singer was the number 1 new series, drawing in 17 million viewers and making it the top unscripted show. It remains to be seen what could season 2 bring to the table and who could possibly be under those elaborate costumes.

The leopard shows off in an avant-garde, Elizabethan costume with a couple of exciting clues. It was obvious to fans that the costume was made to hide the silhouette not allowing to see if the celebrity could be male or female. In the Leopard’s video, it said they had been "spotted with the president" which could literally mean President Trump or maybe the president of Macy's? The top guess for the leopard seemed to be Sean Spicer but fans remembered that he had been asked to participate in Dancing With the Stars. Both the Rottweiler and Skelton seemed hard to place. Many viewers jumped to thinking that the Rottweiler could be Dog the Bounty Hunter but are unsure if he would have committed to the show with his wife being ill. The skeleton, on the other hand, was short in stature and funny. The educated guess would be Martin Short for this funny bone.

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Up next was the super positive Panda, who was decked out in pastel colors to represent a rainbow. This Screen Rant writer was tempted to say it could be Jo-Jo from Dance Moms because she was known for her high-spirited performances and he bright-colored clothing line. The Tree was for sure a female after seeing her perform in the premiere wearing high heels. In her clue video, she said she likes to cook and be dolled up; our guess is chief Rachel Ray. The Penguin seemed that it could possibly be Vanilla Ice as it is a bird from Antarctica but the hint the bird gave was about changing its hairstyle and color which immediately made the judges think of Dennis Rodman.

The easiest possible guess would have to be the Fox as their clue stated that he was a superhero who liked to devour his competition. Naturally, this could be related to Jeremy Renner and his character Hawk Eye. The actor also recently released his solo CD, maybe The Masked Singer is his first tour date. The Butterfly was a bit scary in her hints as it seemed to touch on its eyes a lot, making viewers wonder if it could be a star that received a lot of plastic surgery, which does not narrow down the options. The Black Widow represented herself as a legit singer who had a career in the music business. The Black Widow could quite possibly be Iggy Azalea or Rita Ora who had a hit called “Black Widow.”

Birds of a feather hopefully will flock together with the Eagle and The Flamingo. The Eagle seemed to be an old soul due to his attire, 1970’s bell-bottom pants and lack of dance moves. The clue said if you know an eagle’s temperature you can guess, there is an Eagle, Idaho which brings to mind, Aaron Paul. When the pink flamingo came out, she emphasized to "go" on the flamingo stage which could mean it's Marie Osmond since her Las Vegas show is hosted by the Flamingo Hotel; it also didn’t hurt that her brother starred on season 1. Flower left viewers wondering if it were a boy or a girl because the costume was so intricate it was hard to tell. The video clues mentioned petal to the metal which allowed one name to jump out, Danica Patrick, the famed race car driver.

The season premiere of The Masked Singer went off without a hitch and really left fans scratching their heads trying to narrow down who the secret celebrities may be. Fans will have to continue to watch and see if their predictions were right.

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 PM EST on Fox

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