Guessing the twists of upcoming movie releases has become a popular pastime among film fans, who like to scan through every trailer, set photo, or casting announcement for any hint of a spoiler. It’s almost become a sport, and studios have had to become extra careful with the information they release. Attempts to hide an obvious twist can backfire badly – just look at Star Trek Into Darkness’ “John Harrison” reveal – but for the most part, studios manage to keep big spoilers under wraps; it’s doubtful anyone saw the last scene of Split coming, for example.

That won’t stop speculation, and there’s no shortage of movies coming in 2017 – and beyond – where fans are eager to figure out the big surprises. It could be based on a rumor, a mystery casting announcement, or a scene glimpsed in a trailer, but now more than ever, hardcore fans are able to figure out where a story will go with alarming accuracy.

Of course, these guesses can be completely off the money too, but in Predicting 15 Big Twists From Upcoming Movies, the predictions listed here stand a reasonable chance of being correct. Only time will tell of course, but it will be fun finding out either way.

15. Tom Cruise Will Become Van Helsing – The Mummy

Annabelle Wallis and Tom Cruise in The Mummy Predicting 15 Big Twists From Upcoming Movies

Universal is betting big with their planned Dark Universe, a new cinematic universe that resurrects iconic horror characters and gives them a 21st-century makeover. The Mummy will be first out of the gate, and future movies will feature Johnny Depp as The Invisible Man and Javier Bardem as Frankenstein’s Monster.

The Mummy is being sold on Cruise’s star power, but surprisingly, he’s not playing a classic Universal character, but an adventurer named Nick Morton. Morton is given supernatural powers by the title monster for unexplained reasons, which seemingly makes him invulnerable to damage. Interestingly enough, Cruise was previously attached to a reboot of Van Helsing a few years ago, only to sign on for The Mummy later on.

Details on who Morton is are sketchy – he’s not even mentioned in the plot synopsis – and it would be odd for a major star like Cruise to sign on for this franchise and not play an iconic character. The smart bet would be that he’s secretly Van Helsing (or a familial descendant of the famed vampire hunter) and will go on to hunt the other monsters in future movies.

14. Superman Will Turn Evil – Justice League

Superman is Flat Out Angry in Man Of Steel Predicting 15 Big Twists From Upcoming Movies

Despite his death in Batman v Superman, nobody truly expected Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel to stay down long. Indeed, he was confirmed to be part of the Justice League movie from early on in production, but he’s been noticeably absent from recent posters and trailers, and details surrounding his role in the story are sketchy.

A popular theory is that Superman is resurrected by the villainous Steppenwolf and brainwashed into turning evil, which would unite the team and give the world a reason to fear the presence of superheroes. It would certainly be an interesting change of pace to see the iconic hero become a villain and make the battle all the more personal.

While this is still a theory, Superman’s role is obviously being kept a surprise for a reason, and his eventual resurrection will no doubt play an important role. If they do go the villain route, he’ll no doubt be redeemed before the end, and reunite with the League to save the day.