'Predators' Stalk the Cover of Widescreen Magazine

Widescreen magazine has Predators as their cover story this month and ShockTillYouDrop has posted the image. It gives us another look at some of the characters from the film including an unbelievably awesome peek at one of the titular creatures.

I have to say, the overall look strikes me as being incredibly similar to the original Stan Winston design from the first Predator; a look that was needlessly modified for the abysmal Alien vs. Predator films.

This is the first time the effects company KNB FX has worked on a Predator movie and from what we've seen so far I really think they knocked it out of the park.  I remain cautiously optimistic about the rest of the film, but if nothing else, it truly seems like everyone's heart is in the right place with this project.

See for yourself:


predators widescreen magazine cover

It's always tough to judge the individual elements without seeing how they fit within the context of the film, but again,  it's reassuring to know that the Predators will actually look like Predators and not gorillas wearing football pads.

Here's the official synopsis from

"A bold new chapter in the Predator universe, Predators was shot on location under Rodriguez's creative auspices at the filmmaker's Austin-based Troublemaker Studios, and is directed by Nimrod Antal. The film stars Adrien Brody as Royce, a mercenary who reluctantly leads a group of elite warriors who come to realize they've been brought together on an alien planet... as prey."

What do you think of the design? What are your thoughts on the way this sequel is shaping up?

Source: Widescreen via ShockTillYouDrop.

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