Predators Sneak Peek Offers First Footage

We're only a few months away until the release of Robert Rodriguez's Predators, one of our most anticipated films of 2010. While the only real news we've seen on the project so far has come from a few set photos, casting announcements and a script review, we now have the first official Predators footage in this just-released first look video.

What I appreciate most out of what we see in this Predators video is what Robert Rodriguez has to say about the direction this film must take to differentiate itself from the series and to offer something new, interesting and exciting for fans new and old. Needless to say, Predators has to feel new and not represent simply more of the same or another iteration of what came before. Taking the story and our characters to the homeworld of the Predators is one way of doing that and the characters and story will be the key.

Check out the first ever official footage for Predators:

When the announcement was made that Adrien Brody would be playing the lead as a soldier fighting to survive against the meanest aliens in the galaxy, many scoffed at the idea but I was always interested in seeing Brody in such a role. And from the brief glimpses here, it reinforces my interest in seeing how the casting choices pay off.

What I think will be interesting about this franchise installment, and to touch on what Rodriguez has to say about each character having a leading quality about them, is the dynamics between the vast array of characters. The first Predator film saw Arnold Schwarzenegger lead a team of commandos who knew each other and how to work together (as best they could, anyway) against the solo Predator hunting them down. In Rodriguez's Predators however, a mixed-match group of "warriors" ranging from a serial killer to an elite soldier are put together on a foreign world and forced to find a way to survive.

I'm slightly skeptical about the project due to the direction the franchise has taken in recent years but I am very eager to see what Robert Rodriguez will present fans with this fresh take. As for the story of the movie, I wonder how it is the Predators know who are worthy prey to be selected for captured and transport to their hunting ground. Are they reading our newspapers and checking out our internet, perhaps spying on everyone to figure out who to draft?

Predators is directed by Nimród Antal from a Robert Rodriguez script. In addition to Fishburne, the cast includes Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Danny Trejo (also working with Rodriguez on Machete), Derek Mears, Oleg Taktarov (UFC fighter), Walt Goggins (The Shield), Alice Braga (I am Legend, Redbelt) and Mahershalalhashbaz Ali (The 4400).

Predators is scheduled to hit theaters on July 7th, 2010.

Source: (via First Showing)

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