First Look At 'Predators' Script

Our friends over at Latino Review were able to read through a draft of the Predators script. In short, they say it's "awesome!"

I'm so pumped over this news that I can't think of anything quirky, snarky or anything ending with a "y" to say. So, let's just get on to the script.

minor spoilers below

We meet our main protagonist, Royce, who's described as "a Steve McQueen type" chasing a man onto a rooftop. An altercation ensues and Royce ends up killing the individual. All the while, Royce is being observed by a nearby Predator who, after watching Royce kill his opposition, captures him and returns to the Predator home world.As Royce lands in the jungle that is the Predators' home world, he soon meets seven other humans, from around the world, who have all been similarly captured.

Here's a rundown of the seven other humans who will make up our main cast for the film:

Cuchillo: "A Mexican enforcer from Los Zeta drug cartel with twin uzies strapped to his back." (Danny Trejo has reportedly signed on to play this role.)

Nikolai: "A frightening bear of a Russian armed with a four barreled gas powered rotary machine gun."

Isabelle: "A tough-as-nails woman armed with a sniper rifle who speaks French."

Stans: "A prisoner from San Quentin with a shaved head and a scorpion tattoo on his neck armed with a prison made knife."

Mombasa: "An African member of the Sierra Leone squad."

Hanzo: "A 'bad ass' Japanese Yakuza enforcer."

Edwin: "A small, unassuming man formerly on the FBI's most wanted."

The main plot of the film focuses on this rag-tag group of individuals, deemed to be the greatest adversaries of Earth, being hunted by the Predators.

I'm not going to give away everything. Maybe you'd like to find out; Is there another human on the island? What is "Black Super Predator?" & Who have they written in the script for an "awesome" cameo?

Check out the video below to find out.

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I don't know about you, but the combination of this news and the recent interview with Harold Berger regarding the Predator character design has pushed Predators into the "must-see" category for me. Sure, the whole "Predator dog" & "Predator falcon" has me perplexed, but I'm willing to go with it.

While the version of the script they read was dated July 12, 2009, it's highly unlikely that any major revisions were made to the story. Especially with filming expected to start soon. Even though nothing has been filmed yet, if they stay anywhere close to this script... I'll be happy.

What do you think? Has this changed you mind on what to expect from Predators? Are you happy? (Yes!) Angry? (No!)

Do tell!

Predators is set to be release on July 7, 2010.

Source: Latino Review

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