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Shane Black Predator movie details

It took some time for action-specialist screenwriter Shane Black to break through as a director, with his critically praised Robert Downey Jr. vehicle Kiss Kiss Bang Bang drawing rave reviews but so-so box-office in 2005. But nearly a decade later Black re-teamed with Downey for Iron Man 3, a gargantuan smash-hit that blasted Black straight to the A-list. Now, the director is set to deliver his '70s crime caper The Nice Guys in May, starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling.

Black has been busy outside his endeavors with superheroes and foul-mouthed investigators, as he is set to begin work writing and directing The Predator, a reboot-sequel to the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger alien-hunter film in which Black also appeared as an actor.

The new teaser image doesn't exactly reveal much, save for an early tagline ("You'll never see him coming") superimposed over an image of the Predator. This is a possible indication that the upcoming movie will offer a more traditional take on the character, as opposed to the larger "Super Predators" featured in Predators, the most recent installment of the franchise produced by Robert Rodriguez. Black's longtime partner Fred Dekker (himself the director of The Monster Squad) is collaborating on the project.

the predator teaser

Beyond the new image, little is known of Black and Dekker's (say it out loud a few times) take on the material, other than it aims to "reinvent" the franchise, but not necessarily remove or ignore previous installments. It is not expected to make reference to the Alien Vs. Predator series, however, which attempted to merge the continuity of the two franchises, but has thus far been ignored by later installments of each.

For its part, Predators was set on an alien planet and featured a new cast of abducted humans as prey, but made passing reference to the events of the originals. Some fans have speculated that the new film may opt to tell the story from the Predator's point of view, which would be a first for the series. Traditionally, Predators (the species does not have a more specific canonical name in the feature films thus far) are depicted as trophy hunters from an intergalactic warrior culture who travel to other planets to hunt the native dominant species.

While Black may not yet be a household name for some moviegoers outside of "The Director of Iron Man 3," he is well known in screenwriting circles for the huge payday he scored for his work on the original Lethal Weapon film, and his subsequent scripts for action-heavy vehicles The Last Boy Scout, Last Action Hero, and The Long Kiss Goodnight. He has several other major properties in development in addition to The Predator, including revivals of iconic pulp heroes Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze and Remo Williams: The Destroyer. To succeed, The Predator will most likely aim to trade on the familiarity of the monster itself.

We'll bring you more information on The Predator as it becomes available.

Source: Predator (Facebook)

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