The Predator Heads Back To Canada For Last-Minute Reshoots

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Shane Black’s The Predator is heading back for over two weeks worth of reshoots. The original Predator recently celebrated its 30th anniversary and is considered an enduring classic of the sci-fi genre. The movie would spawn numerous sequels, spin-offs, comic books and video games, but the film series hasn’t had a new entry since 2010’s mostly forgettable Predators.

The Predator is intended to relaunch the franchise and finds a group of soldiers taking on the title hunters in suburbia. Story details are still a little thin, though it’s been confirmed the movie won’t be a total reboot as actor Jake Busey will be playing the son of villainous government agent Peter Keyes, who was played by his father Gary in Predator 2. The film is also said to have more of a comedic tone than past entries, which was apparently met with a mixed reception during recent test screenings.

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Now The Predator is headed back for reshoots, with a production listing posted on The Director’s Guild Of Canada (via AVP Galaxy) confirming the film will shoot from March 12th to March 29th in Vancouver. Reshoots are a regular part of large productions, so the film could be going back to punch up actions setpieces or add more character moments. Some fans are speculating the reshoots could add a cameo by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dutch, though since the actor previously turned the movie down this seems like wishful thinking.

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The Predator director Shane Black has a long history with action films, having written Lethal Weapon 1 & 2, in addition to directing Iron Man 3 and The Nice Guys. He also played Hawkins in the original, who meets a gory demise at the hands of the alien hunter. Actors who’ve worked on the project have confirmed The Predator is funnier (and perhaps deadlier) than previous movies, which apparently caused some concern after mixed test screenings results. Maybe the reshoots will tone down the humor slightly, though again, that’s just speculation.

There still hasn’t been a teaser or any footage revealed for The Predator, though a trailer is slated to debut in April. The Predator series was one of the many franchises Disney received in their recent FOX purchase, so it will be interesting to see how the House of Mouse deals with the property moving forward. Just like Alien, a dark, R-rated horror franchise doesn’t fit the typical Disney model, but future movies will probably depend on the success of The Predator.

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Source: The Director's Guild Of Canada (Via AVP Galaxy)

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