Predator Remake... Er... Reboot In The Works!

Sometimes it's depressing writing about films. I know you find that hard to believe - but it's true.  There are times when great concepts are destroyed; times when dream casting is ditched in favor of the "flavor of the month"; but most importantly it is when a great movie is remade.

Predator is the next film in the remake (sorry reboot) firing line, and to make matters worse the film is set up by talent fascists Fox.

Last year we reported that Predator producer Jon Davis was mulling over returning to the franchise with Arnold Schwarzenegger returning, but he was vague about details and it looked like the scenario was more "what if" than reality.

Now Bloody Disgusting reports that 20th Century Fox is once again raiding their vaults and dusting off anything with name recognition and that they've obviously now gotten as far as "P" because it's Predator's turn for a reboot. It's not the first time the studio has pillaged the Predator franchise (excluding Predator 2) - they have previously cheapened the original by making two Alien Vs Predator movies.

There is one glimmer of hope in all this. Robert Rodriquez will be producing the film under his Troublemaker Studios banner. According to Bloody Disgusting:

"In the reboot a team of  commandos face down a mysterious race of vicious monsters."

So more like Aliens with Predators then. If they wait until Schwarzenegger is out of political office and sign him up to return as Dutch, then this might be worthwhile. Otherwise I'm not too excited by a CGI laden effects Predator movie that has no thrills and very little excitement.

Hey, maybe I'm just cynical. What do you think?

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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