Olivia Munn & The Predator: A Timeline Of The Cut Scene Controversy

September 8, 2018 - Munn Does Press For The Predator

On Saturday Sept. 8, Munn and fellow The Predator cast members were scheduled to do interviews at TIFF to promote the film ahead of its wide release. However, Munn told Vanity Fair that a number of her castmates canceled interviews they were meant to do alongsider her, while one cast member walked out of an interview when the cut scene was brought up. Munn also said none of her fellow cast members had reached out to her when news broke of Fox cutting Striegel's scene (though a source told VF at least one castmate had). Munn expanded on how she's felt since the story broke:

I kind of feel like I’m the one going to jail. I didn’t go to jail, I didn’t put this guy on our set. I had this scene deleted. Thank God, honestly, that there is social media. It’s the fans and news outlets that’s confirming it to me that what I did was the right thing. If I didn’t have that feedback, I’d kind of go a little crazy thinking, Why am I being treated like this? That’s not O.K., to feel like the bad guy.

In a video interview with THR (the full video of which is below and worth a watch), Munn sat by herself because the rest of the cast canceled their appearance. She said, "It’s a very lonely feeling to be sitting here by myself when I should be sitting here with the rest of the cast." Further, Munn said she hasn't heard from Black directly since the news of the cut scene broke, though she "appreciates" his public apology.

As part of the LA Times' report on Fox cutting Striegel's scene, the publication reached out to a number of the cast members for comment - including Boyd Holbrook, Sterling K. Brown, Thomas Jane, Trevante Rhodes and Keegan-Michael Key - but none responded. Munn told VF that she privately reached out to her castmates before the initial Times report and encouraged them to give statements. Though none did at the time, some have commented on the issue either at TIFF or in the following days.

Co-stars Munn, Rhodes and Augusto Aguilera sat for a video interview with LA Times Entertainment on Sept. 8 in which both actors responded to the situation of Fox cutting a scene. When asked if they were disappointed with Black, Rhodes said, "I wasn't disappointed in Shane. I was disappointed in the situation and I’m happy that Liv spoke up and it was eradicated." Aguilera went on to say:

It's strange 'cause the first thing I thought of wasn't about Shane at all … There's a serious issue here that Liv was able to point out … More than anything, I didn’t think about Shane, I thought about the possibility of this continuing to happen and where it happens. And also to Liv for speaking up on such a subject because it takes a lot of courage to be able to say that.

Later in the interview with LA Times Entertainment, Munn went on to say, "I don’t accept Shane’s apology. It wasn’t given to me personally. … I think a real apology has to be done privately, not just read publicly, and I read it with the rest of the world. I didn’t get that call. I didn’t get any calls from any producers or anybody saying, ‘Thank you for letting us know,’ or, ‘Thank you for letting us know before the movie.’" She additionally reiterated she informed Fox of the scene two days before the movie was locked - meaning the cut of the film was finalized and couldn't be changed before it was meant to hit theaters.

September 9, 2018 - Keegan-Michael Key & Sterling K. Brown Respond

Sterling K Brown and Olivia Munn in The Predator

The Predator actor Keegan-Michael Key issued a statement on Sunday Sept. 9, as reported by VF, concerning Munn sitting for the THR interview by herself and the claim that none of her co-stars reached out privately prior to the TIFF screening. A spokesperson for Key said:

Keegan was never booked to do an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. His last interview was scheduled after lunch, which he completed. He was always departing TIFF early so he could be home to spend the Jewish holiday with his wife. Furthermore, Keegan reached out to Olivia privately last week to let her know how proud he was of her and echoed that sentiment in many interviews since then.

The Predator star Sterling K. Brown issued a statement on Sunday Sept. 9 through his official Twitter. In a thread, Brown apologized to Munn for feeling isolated and for having to do interviews alone. The actor clarified that he was not at TIFF and turned the conversation back to an issue Munn has raised, which is that she and her fellow cast members were never given the opportunity to decide for themselves whether they felt comfortable working with a registered sex offender. That decision was made by Black when he cast Strigel and didn't inform the studio or the cast of the actor's past. See Brown's full Twitter thread below.

Sterling K Brown The Predator Cut Scene Olivia Munn Response 1
Sterling K Brown The Predator Cut Scene Olivia Munn Response 2

September 10, 2018 - Boyd Holbrook Responds, Munn Clarifies 'Isolated' Comment

On Monday Sept. 10, The Predator star Boyd Holbrook responded to the conversation surrounding the movie's cut scene and how it was handled by the cast with a statement on Instagram. In the statement, the actor apologized for issuing his response so late in the conversation, made clear he supports Munn and revealed why he felt it necessary to cancel press appearances. Read his statement in full below, as obtained by Deadline.

I want to start by apologizing for this statement coming late in the current conversation. I do not take any of what has gone on lightly, and I want to speak from the most honest and genuine place possible. I have stated before, and I will state it again, I am proud of Olivia for the way that she handled a difficult and alarming situation, and I am grateful that Fox took the information seriously and took action swiftly.

It is true that I pulled out of a small amount of press on Saturday, as this type of social commentary is new to me and given the nature of the originating crime, I felt further discussion could cause unwanted trauma and pain, neither of which I wanted to incite to the anonymous young woman. I now realize that my understanding of the situation was not the full picture and the last thing I want is for Olivia to ever feel abandoned or alone. We are in the midst of a very crucial and important time and it is imperative that we keep listening.

Further, Munn responded to a series of tweets by THR staff writer Chris Gardner about Key's statement from the day before. Munn clarified that Key reached out to her a week prior, before the story broke in the Times, and that she felt "isolated" by the cast's silence since the report was published and their standing ovation for Black at the premiere. See her tweet below.

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