Shane Black's Predator Catches a Ride in New Set Photo

The titular character in director Shane Black's upcoming reboot The Predator is pictured in a candid photo from the film's set.

The titular character in director Shane Black's upcoming reboot The Predator has been captured in a candid photo from the film's set. The Predator, of course, is a monumental project in Black's career, since it comes more than 30 years after the screenwriter and occasional actor assumed a supporting role opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original film in the series, Predator, in 1987. In the interim, while the character has gone on to appear in Predator 2, Predators and the Alien vs. Predator films, Black settled in to writing and directing such films as Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Iron Man 3 and The Nice Guys.

Little by little, Black has been revealing details about his Predator reboot (described as a sequel to the original Predator), but on Sunday, Jarrod Au, a photographer who apparently had access to the film's set, caught not one, but two Predators hitching a ride on a tank on the film's set and posted the photo on Instagram. One of the Predators was facing frontward on the tank, but the other one clearly was aware of the photographer's presence, going so far as to flash a pair of "peace" signs.

While Black has previously described the character in a tweet to emphasize that the he would be an actor in a suit rather than using CGI, the production has yet to release an official photo of the Predator (an obscured photo of the character, however, appears in the film's poster). Since two of the hashtags on the post noted #productionstill and #productionstills, it essentially states that Au's access to the set was permitted. See the photo below:

#predator2018 #vancouverfilm #setlife #productionstill #productionstills #predator #vancouverproduction

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The interesting thing about the photo is that two Predators are pictured, which could mean a number of different things. For one, it could say that more than one actual Predator will be featured in the film; but in all likelihood, one of the Predators is a double for the other. The title of the film, after all, is The Predator, which clearly denotes one, well, Predator. It's certainly a lot less confusing than trying to figure out if The Last Jedi is singular or plural.

Whatever the case may be, fans will likely be comforted by this set photo knowing that Black has not messed with the classic look of the original Predator with his reboot. True, CGI enhancements will no doubt be made to the character, but the Predator's look is definitely there. If anything, the new set photo serves as just one more reason for fans to get excited for the return of the classic alien creature, which is currently slated for August 2018.

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Source: Jarrod Au

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