The Predator: Every Easter Egg & Movie Connection

3. Who Taught You Math?

Fans of Shane Black may have been disappointed at a lack of any nods or winks to his previous movies, but there was one dropped during the film's showdown between the military of Project Stargazer and the Looneys. Specifically, when Traeger tries to talk McKenna and his team into surrendering, since his own forces outnumber theirs 7 to 6. At which point a sniper shot takes out the soldier next to him, revealing the numbers are now perfectly even.

In response, McKenna loudly inquires as to "who taught him Math," mocking him after his own fighters removed the advantage. That's the exact same question Perry posed to Harry in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang after he placed a single bullet into his revolver to intimidate a suspect... and then spun it, clocked it, and shot him dead. In hindsight, the odds of that happening were actually higher than Harry assumed.

2. Predator Goes Back Into The Water

There aren't many overt references to the action scenes of the previous Predator films, and the ones that are there may be broad enough to avoid calling them direct homages, or tributes (you can only fight a Predator so many ways). But one moment will stand out for fans of the original. When McKenna drops to safety from the crashing Predator ship, the alien pilot grounds it in a lake surrounded by trees.

The shot that follows reveals the Predator walking through the water towards McKenna - and is seriously evocative of the same scene from the first Predator. With Dutch realizing the Predator is still coming to kill him, seeing the Predator rising from the water, camouflage flickering, became one of the most iconic shots of the film. If the new Predator movie seeks to pay homage at any point, this is the closest fans are going to get.

1. The Wardrobe Secrets Most Will Miss

The Looneys enter the film so quickly, it may be tempting for audiences to take their characters as only skin-deep. But when visiting the set, we learned how much time certain members of the cast had put into their backstories and irregularities. Aside from Nebraska's bullet, Coyle may be the best example, as was explained in our interview with The Predator's Keegan-Michael Key:

I said I want a version of Travis Bickle’s jacket from Taxi Driver. That’s what I want Coyle to wear, and I want it to have a Great Santini feel to it, which is that it’s not his jacket. It’s his father’s jacket from the Vietnam War. And as you’ll see, half the jacket has vet material from Desert Shield, and half has vet material from Vietnam.

He also wears his father’s Army ring even though he wasn’t in the Army, he was in the Marine Corps. My favorite part is that he has his work shirt, he works at a cold storage plant, and she said, 'Oh we’ll put your name tag under your dad’s name tag.' So the costume’s kind of a living museum, a tapestry, pardon the pun, of him and his father’s relationship.


Those are the Easter Eggs and references that we've spotted in The Predator so far, but if you spotted ones we missed, be sure to leave them in the comments.

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