The Predator: Every Easter Egg & Movie Connection

6. "Home of The Warriors"

When the action moves from war-torn jungles to small town America, the name of Rory's middle school is hard to miss. And many fans will (rightly) assume that the "Lawrence Gordon" for whom the school is named is a producer from behind the camera. A true legend on some incredible films... but that's not the best part of this Easter Egg.

The other message printed on the school sign proclaims it to be the "Home of the Warriors." And yes, it was Lawrence Gordon who first acquired the rights to produce what would ultimately become the cult hit The Warriors in 1979.

5. New Predator, Same Runtime

Not every Easter Egg needs to be groundbreaking, or even noticeable while watching the film. Sometimes, the best running tributes can't even be seen on screen. For instance, the fact that Shane Black's role in the first Predator may not be all that memorable aside from his gags... but he certainly learned exactly how long to make a Predator movie.

The official running time of The Predator is 1:47:00, the exact same as the first movie (and Predator 2). Who knew?

4. "East on Woodruff Road"

Just when the Looneys and McKenna are on the search for his son Rory, the boy comes through (albeit unintentionally). A bit of bullying triggers Rory's helmet-mounted cannon to obliterate a no-candy burnout and the entire upper floor of his home, bringing more than just his father in pursuit. A report over the police scanner claims that Rory was fleeing along the city streets, and running out in front of a patrol car. From there, he was last seen heading "East on Woodruff Road."

Thats almost definitely a reference to special effects and creature creating legend Tom Woodruff Jr., who aside from working with Black and Dekker on Monster Squad, was also in the Xenomorph suit for Alien vs Predator (as "Grid," the Xeno who ended up with a net pattern of acidic burns across its head).

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