The Predator: Every Easter Egg & Movie Connection

9. Your Second Question

When you're dealing with writers Shane Black and Fred Dekker, you know that the references, homages, and tributes are going to start on the pages of the script itself. For instance, when Casey Brackett is being walked through the existence and capture of the Predators, and the scientific mystery they represent. Before she can voice objections, Traeger is one step ahead, guessing that her second question is going to be something along the lines of "what is she doing here?"

It's a saying that will slip by most viewers, but for those who remember Arnold's Dutch being brought into the story of the first Predator without much explanation, it's an even more meta joke. Dutch first asks why the captured hostages were in enemy territory to begin with. His second question? Yes, also inquiring as to why he in particular was asked to be a part of the mission. A truly subtle touch.

8. "Get To The Choppers"

Even if action movie fans never got around to seeing the original Predator, they may still know Arnold's infamous screaming, urging (ordering?) the woman who survived the Predator hunt to "RUN! GET TO THE CHOPPER!" The line has reached meme status by now, and Shane Black finds the way to pay what may be the most overt callback of the entire new movie.

After the Predator escapes from Project Stargazer and the Looneys are left without a fitting vehicle for escape, their rescue comes in the form of a pack of nearby motorcycles. Once again, the heroes have no choice but to "get to the choppers," but with a completely different context.

7. Nebraska's Bullet Necklace

When Nebraska explains what circumstances have landed him in psychiatric care, he claims that he shot his commanding officer. The twist only comes later when Nebraska shows Quinn the scar along the side of his head - the mark left behind by the bullet he fired at his own head (and missed). At the time of our set visit, Trevante Rhodes wouldn't explain the significance of the necklace worn by Nebraska. But now that the film has been released, fans can put the pieces together themselves.

The necklace holds a single brass shell casing, crushed so that it can never be used in a live round again, and mounted around his neck. A heck of a way to remember his rock bottom.

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