The Predator: Every Easter Egg & Movie Connection

12. Busey/Keyes Connection

When the first reports of Shane Black's Predator film arrived, some believed it wouldn't be a continuation of the original series, but a true reboot, wiping the slate clean and staring fresh. That obviously isn't the case, as the new Predator is a sequel to the original films - a tradition embodied by the role of Sean Keyes, played by Jake Busey.

Thise names should ring a bell, since it was Gary Busey playing FBI Special Agent Keyes in Predator 2 (the government agent who Secretly knew the alien existed). Jake Busey is Gary's son, and the same dynamic is at play in the film, with Sean obviously taking a scientific path towards the same alien target as his father.

11. They Really Shouldn't Be Called "Predators"

The Predator Movies Ranked

For as long running and illustrious as the Predator films have been, the newest movie marks the first time that the masked alien creatures are referred to as "a Predator," in the form of a formal nickname. The serious fans know that the true name for the Predators is the Yautja ("Ya-OOT-ja"), but the movie offers its own moniker. The fact that a killer who hunts for sport, and not survival actually isn't a "predator" in the true sense of the word soon becomes a running joke, since it would make more sense to call them... well, Hunters.

That decision pays a bit more love to Alien vs Predator, since that's exactly what the characters refer to the Predators as (and refer to the Xenomorphs as "serpents" or non-descriptor pronouns). In the actual movie canon, the fans and production also refer to the creatures as Hunters, ever since the first Predator/Jungle Hunter battled Arnold Schwarzenegger.

10. "You Are One Beautiful Motherf**ker"

Arnold Schwarzenegger is best know for his catchphrase informing enemies and allies that "he will be back," but his one-liner in the original Predator is immortalized for a completely different reason. When the Predator first removes its bio-mask helmet to expose its true face, Arnold's hero stares in disgust, informing his enemy that "you are one ugly motherf***er." The line is also repeated by Danny Glover in Predator 2.

For a soldier and cop, respectively, the disgusting face of the Predator is a horror to look upon. But for an evolutionary biologist, the Predator is a scientific breakthrough. A point made clear when Casey gets up close and personal with the face of the Predator, and expresses her wonder by calling the alien "one beautiful motherf**ker."

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