The Predator: Every Easter Egg & Movie Connection

Warning: SPOILERS for The Predator

The Predator may be injecting new life into the classic movie series and antagonist, but it's definitely not ignoring all the movies that came before. Aside from homages and inside jokes linking Shane Black's film to the original movie series, a few clues show the Predator timeline isn't being reset at all.

Whether it's Easter Eggs and subtle references that even devoted Predator fans would miss, or confirmation that the events of Alien vs Predator definitely happened in the movie's universe, these details shouldn't be missed. Not to mention the signature trademarks and winks to the audience that Shane Black could never resist.

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To make sure fans can catch every single one, we're breaking down The Predator: Every Easter Egg & Movie Connection.

15. The Hanging Corpses

When the original Predator was released in theaters, nobody actually knew that the secret villain was an alien, let alone one of the finest hunters in the galaxy. So when Dutch and his unit stumbled across a horrifying sight - defeated men who had much of the skin and flesh removed from their bodies, and strung up in the jungle, nobody knew what to make of it in or outside of the film. It was revealed to be part of the Predator's game of pride and intimidation, and it's apparently not an isolated practice.

When McKenna and his squadmates realize that one of their own has gone missing in a similar Central American jungle, they find out they're being hunted in the exact same way: with a fellow soldier flayed, and strung up in the canopy. This time, the Predator is there to taunt them, and make sure nobody misses the callback.

14. Predators Visited Earth in 1987 & 1997

Olivia Munn and Masks in The Predator

When Casey Brackett is recruited by Project Stargazer to help understand the blending of alien and human DNA in the captured Predator, she has more than a few bombshells dropped directly on her (and bringing plenty of exposition for the audience along with it). She may be surprised to learn that intelligent alien life does exist... and visited Earth more than once, with visits in 1987 and 1997 called out specifically.

Those years are references to both Predator and its sequel Predator 2. One released in 1987, the other set a decade later. To double down on the confirmation of franchise lore for the fans who caught that detail, the surveillance photos Casey views are both taken from their respective movies.

13. The Predator Spears

Getting to see the masks of both Predators (and their shoulder-mounted cannon, too) in a trophy case is cool enough, but it's the second case that Brackett observes which holds the real Holy Grail for fans of Alien vs Predator. The case includes the compact, extendable spear brought by the Predator in the sequel, but it also holds the spear made famous in AvP.

It was constructed by the Predator of the film, combining a staff with the removed tail of a Xenomorph. This weapon, in tandem with a Xenomorph head shield, were both gifted to AvP's heroine. How it wound up in Project Stargazer is a mystery, but a cool Easter Egg all the same.

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