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The Predator Deaths

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for The Predator


Human beings are prey once again as The Predator returns to Earth. Directed by Shane Black, the latest movie in the franchise introduces the biggest Predator so far - an 11-feet tall monster called the Ultimate Predator. Defending the planet this time around is a bus full of veterans being treated for various mental illnesses, who have dubbed themselves "The Loonies," and biologist Dr. Casey Bracket (Olivia Munn). Leading the group is Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook), an expert sniper whom the military tried to silence after he witnessed the Predator landing on Earth. Quinn inadvertently gets his son, Rory (Jacob Tremblay) tangled up in the fight as well).

The Predator is as bloody as fans of the franchise have come to expect, with severed limbs, spilled guts, and the traditional ripping out of someone's spine. Of the characters that face off against the Ultimate Predator, there are only three survivors: Casey Bracket, Quinn McKenna, and Rory McKenna. As for the other core characters... well, things don't go so well for them.

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Who Dies And How?

Given the very short list of survivors, there's a very long list of people who die in The Predator. All of the "Loonies" except for Quinn are killed off in rapid succession during the climactic final battle with the Ultimate Predator, as is the unscrupulous government agent, Traeger.

Lynch (Alfie Allen) is the first of the Loonies to die. While he is in a sniper position preparing to fire on Traeger's men if things go south, the Ultimate Predator sneaks up on him and those dreaded three red dots appear. Lynch realizes he's in danger too late and the Predator fires, severing his arm and then finishing him off before heading for the rogue Predator's ship.

Best buddies Coyle (Keegan-Michael Key) and Baxley (Thomas Jane) die simultaneously. Baxley attacks the Ultimate Predator by jumping on its head and stabbing it repeatedly, but then gets thrown and impaled on a tree branch. A grief-stricken Coyle tries to fight the Ultimate Predator next, but is disemboweled by its wristblades and collapses against a tree opposite the one that Baxley is impaled on. Looking at each other, they make a silent agreement and shoot each other at the same time in order to shorten their suffering.

Sterling K Brown As Traeger in The Predator

Traeger (Sterling K. Brown) ends up getting hoisted by his own petard. He puts on one of the Predators' Plasmacasters (shoulder cannons) despite not really knowing how to use it, and accidentally shoots himself in the head during the battle.

Nettles (Augusto Aguilera) and Nebraska (Trevante Rhodes) are the final members of the Loonies to get taken out, and it happens in pretty quick succession. Quinn, Nettles and Nebraska all jump on top of the Ultimate Predator's ship as it prepares to leave Earth after kidnapping Rory. The three of them do their best to disable the ship, but then the Ultimate Predator activates the ship's forcefield. Quinn lies down flat against the ship so that the forcefield passes over him, and Nebraska jumps on top of it. Nettles, however, doesn't react in time. The forcefield slices off the lower half of his legs, and the now-legless Nettles goes sliding off the ship and falls into the forest below. Nebraska, who is stuck on top of the forcefield, decides to make his death count for something and throws himself into one of the ship's engines, successfully crippling it.

Both of the Predators that appear in the movie are also killed. The rogue Predator is brutally beaten by the Ultimate Predator, who then finishes the job with a classic fatality: ripping the Predator's head off with the spine still attached. The Ultimate Predator, meanwhile, is killed through the combined efforts of Casey, Quinn and Rory. Casey uses the Predator's cloaking device to sneak up on the behemoth, jumping on its shoulders and hacking at its head. Rory then activates a forcefield that severs the Ultimate Predator's arm, and Quinn uses a weapon on the severed arm to shoot its former owner, creating a massive fiery explosion. With the Ultimate Predator defeated and close to death, Quinn finishes it off by shooting it in the head multiple times.

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