The Predator Leaves Some Ridiculous Unanswered Questions

Predator 2018 - Boyd Holbrook and Olivia Munn

Along with a significant and bloody body count, The Predator leaves behind a slew of unanswered questions. Shane Black's continuation of the seminal sci-fi/action franchise introduces new characters, a deadly upgraded Big Bad called the Ultimate Predator and spins the Predator narrative into an entirely new direction. However, some logic and plot holes were inevitably created by the film's freewheeling mayhem, which wasn't sufficiently addressed.

In The Predator, U.S. Army Ranger sniper Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook) must team up with a band of escaped military mental patients dubbed 'Group B', a.k.a. The Loonies, to stop the latest rampage by the armored alien hunters. With genetic scientist Casey Brackett (Olivia Munn) at their side, they race to rescue Quinn's autistic son Rory (Jacob Trembley) from both the Ultimate Predator and from the evil humans of a lab called Project Stargazer headed by Will Traeger (Sterling K. Brown). This violent chase culminates in the discovery that the Predators are planning an all-out invasion of Earth, while rogue Predators sent humanity a weapon to fight back - a Predator Killer.

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Black's film was subjected to reshoots and significant editing by FOX, which could account for a number of inconsistencies. Subplots and characters (including even more Predator hybrids) were excised while the third act was altered, including the ending. The theatrical release that resulted should please fans looking for cartoonish action and Predator-fighting mayhem, but a number of aspects of The Predator just seem... weird... when you think about it.

How Did The Predator Lose His Gauntlet In The First Place?

Boyd Holbrook in The Predator

The film begins with the Predator's ship attacked by the Ultimate Predator's ship as it space warped to Earth. The "classic" Predator on board his damaged spacecraft is clearly shown attaching his gauntlet to his left arm as he boards an escape pod. The Predator's pod crashes in Mexico where Quinn McKenna is executing a sniper mission against a drug cartel, which is blown by the fiery crash landing of the alien ship.

McKenna makes first contact with the crashed pod, but the Predator is nowhere to be found. Instead, Quinn finds the Predator's mask and his left gauntlet, which contains an important control unit that becomes one of the film's MacGuffins, neatly arranged in the remains of the pod. So how did the Predator lose the gauntlet, which was clamped onto his wrist, in the crash and how did his mask end up right next to the gauntlet? If the Predator took it off after he crashed... why would he do that? And why was the Predator camouflaged in the trees attacking one of McKenna's soldiers instead of immediately reacquiring his equipment, which is vitally important to his mission?

Why Didn't The First Predator Try To Communicate?

Given what fans learn about why the classic Predator was coming to Earth by the end of the film - he's bringing a weapon to kill enemy Predators who plan to invade - his behavior makes little sense. True, he was captured by Project Stargazer and was being experimented on, but as soon as he wakes, he goes into a hack-and-slash rampage, murdering almost every human he sees. At no point does he attempt to communicate with any of the humans, and vice versa since it's later shown Traeger has translation tech that can decipher the Predator language. A lot of bloodshed could have been spared if Predator and humans made any attempt to communicate, especially since the Predator was ostensibly on Earth to help humans. Instead, the alien murdered numerous humans and behaved like a movie monster until he was sanctioned by the Ultimate Predator.

How Can The Regular Predator's Gauntlet Control The Ultimate Predator's Ship?

The Predator Blades

The logical inconsistencies of how the Predator tech works could be a result of the various reshoots and editing the film underwent, but it ends up to be rather confusing. At Project Stargazer, the classic Predator dons a different mask which was on display, which was salvaged from a previous film, presumably Alien Vs. Predator. He uses it to communicate with his missing helmet, which is in the possession of Rory McKenna. But what he really wants is the control unit inside the gauntlet, which would unlock the mysterious pod in the original Predator's ship containing the Predator Killer. The Ultimate Predator wants this same control unit, but somehow, after Rory is captured by the upgraded alien, the boy is able to use the device to control the Ultimate Predator's ship. Is Predator tech interchangeable?

Why Hasn't Predator Invisibility Improved At All?

The Predators' tech to become 'invisible' and camouflage itself is one of the coolest aspects of the franchise while also being ultimately self-defeating. Simply put, the Predators aren't truly invisible and humans have always been able to see them when they are moving. Their camo screens have been utilized in each movie since the 1987 Predator, but as of The Predator in 2018, even though they have utilized hybridization technology to upgrade their bodies, it seems like the Predators have made zero attempts to upgrade their invisibility tech. It's still remarkably easy for humans to spot camouflaged Predators and take them out. Considering how reliant they are on camouflage and their suspect success rate in hunting humans, why haven't they upgraded this vital cornerstone of their gear?

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