The Predator Official Trailer & Poster: The Hunt Has Evolved

The Predator gets a new trailer that dives deeper into the plot of director Shane Black's sci-fi action franchise sequel/reboot.

A new trailer has arrived for Shane Black's sequel/reboot, The Predator. Two years after his critically lauded buddy detective romp The Nice Guys made a rather soft splash at the box office, Black is back in franchise territory with his relaunch of the Predator film series. The Iron Man 3 director, as many know now, even costarred in the original 1987 Predator movie as the ill-fated Hawkins. This time, however, Black will get to put his spin on the sci-fi action property from the other side of the camera.

Fox is bringing The Predator to San Diego Comic-Con this year, in an effort to generate more buzz for the film (which is somewhat lacking in hype at the moment). It's expected the studio will premiere some never-been-seen footage from the movie during the event, with Black and at least part of his cast in tow. In the meantime, the studio has gone ahead and dropped a fresh trailer for The Predator online.

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The Predator pits the eponymous alien against a team of human ex-soldiers, after a young boy (Room and Wonder's Jacob Tremblay) accidentally calls them back to earth. Among the actors playing military types in the movie are Sterling K. Brown (This Is Us), Boyd Holbrook (Logan), Keegan-Michael Key (Friends from College), Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight), Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones), and Thomas Jane (The Expanse). Rounding out the cast is Olivia Munn as scientist Casey Bracket and Yvonne Strahovski as Emily McKenna, Rory's (Tremblay) mother and Quinn McKenna's (Holbrook) ex-wife. Watch the new trailer for The Predator in the space above, then check out the latest poster below.

While the new trailer makes the film look and feel like Shane Black's work more than the Predator teaser trailer, it still comes off as being more generic than The Nice Guys or even Iron Man 3. It's been reported that test audiences weren't so taken with the movie's original tone, which resulted in much of The Predator's third act being re-shot. However, in doing so, it seems the film may have lost a significant amount of its personality and Shane Black's signature blend of dark humor and pulpy violence.

At the same time, the new trailer hints at The Predator expanding the franchise's lore in fresh and intriguing ways. In addition to redesigned versions of the Hell-Hounds, Black's "re-quel" will incorporate creatures and elements that weren't part of any of the previous Predator films. It's clear the idea here is to relaunch the series in a different and exciting direction, but as we've seen with Ridley Scott's Alien prequels, that approach can lead to pretty divisive results. Indeed, in the era of polarizing sequels, it will be interesting to see where The Predator lands on the spectrum.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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