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The first teaser poster has been released for Shane Black’s forthcoming sequel The Predator - and it’s quite striking. The Predator aims to revitalize the franchise, which has been sitting on the shelf for a while now. The original Predator, which celebrates its thirtieth anniversary this year, is still considered a genre classic, but 1990’s Predator 2 was a box-office disappointment upon release. Despite featuring great action and expanding the mythology of the title creature, fans were disappointed Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t return.

After a fourteen year absence, the franchise returned with Alien Vs Predator: an eagerly awaited crossover that was a commercial success, but ultimately proved disappointing to fans after such a long wait. The sequel - Alien Vs Predator: Requiem - is considered the nadir of both franchises, while 2010’s Predators was a fun but forgettable sequel from producer Robert Rodriguez.

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Black is looking to restore a sense of excitement around the series with The Predator, and now the first poster has arrived via Instagram. The poster was unveiled at London’s Brand Licensing Expo by 20th Century Fox and features lightning strikes over a city that form the distinct shape of the eponymous alien hunter.

Here's your first look at another official The Predator movie poster. Straight from 20th Century Fox' stand at the Brand Licencing Expo here in London. Thoughts? I get excited by anything Predator related. Follow me and stay tuned for more, and for a chance to win an exclusive goodiebag with all goodies I picked up here at the show. :) -Melvin #thepredator #predator #predators #alien #aliens #mobieposter #movieposters #posterdesign #illustrator #illustration #movie #movies #avp #alienvspredator #scifi #horror #scifiart #aliencovenant #predatorfanclub #alienfamily

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There’s been a great deal of secrecy surrounding The Predator, and the film’s setting in suburbia was only recently confirmed by Fox CEO Stacey Snider. A big reason fans are hopeful for this new sequel involves Black - who in addition to being the writer/director of such movies as The Nice Guys, Lethal Weapon and Iron Man 3, also played Hawkins, the first on-screen victim of the creature in Predator.

The exact story of The Predator is still a mystery but despite some conflicting reports, the film will be a sequel to the rest of the series. Actor Jake Busey will be playing the son of Peter Keyes in the movie, who was played by Busey’s father Gary in Predator 2. Sadly it looks like Arnold won’t be returning; he was apparently unhappy with being offered just a cameo appearance, so he declined the role.

Time will tell if audiences are excited about another Predator outing, but Fox appears to be confident about the franchise relaunch. The future of the creature’s nearest rival – the Alien – is still a mystery. While Ridley Scott has teased where he sees the next movie going, the studio is undecided after the tepid box-office of Alien: Covenant. Maybe they’re waiting to see how The Predator fares before deciding; or even worse, they could be considering an AVP reboot next.

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