The Predator Concept Artist Shares Closer Look At Cut Hybrid Creatures

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The Predator concept artist Michael Vincent has shared a closer look at the hybrid "menagerie" cut from the final movie. When Shane Black came onboard as writer and director of The Predator, his aim was to expand the universe of the franchise and get fans excited about it again. He wanted to break away from the standard formula and explore the Predator's true goals on Earth. The movie also explored the concept of the Predators upgrading themselves with DNA from other species they’ve hunted to craft the perfect warrior.

The original third act of The Predator revealed the mysterious government agency Project Stargazer was actually working with two Predator emissaries who were scientists back on their home planet. They came to Earth to warn of an impending invasion from rival members of their own clan, and they teamed with the heroes to battle the Upgrade Predator. This led to a major action sequence where the Upgrade unleashed a horde of hybrid "menagerie" creatures from a crashed ship, resulting in the deaths of several major characters. After test screenings, it was decided this storyline strayed too far outside of traditional formula, so the majority of the final act was reshot to feature a more traditional stalk and slash hunting scene instead.

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This led to the emissaries and menagerie being cut from the final edit. Since the release of The Predator, various pieces of artwork and behind the scenes images have provided a look at this deleted final act, and now concept artist Michael Vincent has shared a closer look on Instagram at some of these creatures. He also provides context for what these beasts would have been doing, such as the bulletproof rhino-style hybrid capable of flipping a truck.

While The Predator is an entertaining movie, it has telltale signs of re-edits and the final hunt between the Upgrade Predator and the heroes feels rushed and choppy. It would be very interesting to see the original cut featuring the hybrids and emissaries re-inserted, but both Black and co-writer Fred Dekker have confirmed the VFX on these sequences weren’t finished, and it would be too expensive to go back and complete them.

The failure of The Predator likely means the franchise will go away again for a few more years, and the direct sequel teased at the end of the movie will never happen. To celebrate the recent home release of the film, Fox recently released a stop-motion Holiday Special, featuring the Predator hunting Santa Claus and his elves. It’s a short, loving tribute to the series, and there’s even a literal Alien Easter egg for fans of a certain rival franchise.

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Source: Michael Vincent (via AVP Galaxy)

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