The Predator Concept Art Reveals Creepy Spider Hybrids

Predator Close Up Face

New concept art from The Predator reveals what the deleted spider hybrid would have looked like. Since the release of The Predator, there’s a been a steady reveal of the various scenes and creatures removed from the movie. The first cut of The Predator featured a large action sequence where the heroes face off against the ‘menagerie,’ which were a collection of hybrid experiments conducted by the Predators.

This entire battle and much of the DNA splicing subplot was snipped from The Predator following lukewarm test screenings. Instead, the studio opted to simplify the story and put a greater focus on the hulking Upgrade Predator as the main antagonist. This led to much of the final act being completely re-shot, with the heroes being hunted by the Upgrade in a forest. As a result, the final movie often feels choppy and oddly paced in an effort to paper over missing narrative strands.

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More information about these deleted sequences has been revealed since The Predator’s release, including a look at the Predator emissaries who teamed up with the main characters. Now concept artist Jared Krichevsky has revealed artwork on Instagram of the Spider Hybrid, who would have featured prominently in the armored vehicle chase. It’s a particularly nightmarish design, featuring the classic Predator mandibles attached to a torso with a large stinger.

Despite the amount of work that went into these deleted sequences, Shane Black has stated an alternate cut is unlikely since much of the effects work for these scenes weren’t finished. It’s hard to say if Black’s original version of The Predator would have made for a better movie, but if nothing else, it was aiming to break series formula and try something different. By retooling it in post-production to be a more traditional Predator sequel, it removed a lot of the things that would have made it unique.

It was also recently revealed an alternate ending for The Predator would have featured an appearance by Ripley from the Alien franchise. The character would have appeared at the very end in a pod wearing a Facehugger-inspired breather mask to cover her face – and presumably to hide she’s not played by Sigourney Weaver. While this would have been a particularly surprising note to end on, it also defies logic - The Predator takes place a century before the original Alien - and suggests the studio was so desperate for a sequel hook they were willing to try anything.

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Source: Jared Krichevsky

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