The Predator Comic-Con 2018 Footage Description & Poster

Fox unveiled additional footage from The Predator during its San Diego Comic-Con 2018 panel, shining the spotlight on director Shane Black's scripted banter between the various human characters, as well as a brutal fight between a regular Predator and an "upgraded" version of the alien hunter. Several of the film's cast members were there to show the clips to the Hall H crowd at the event along with Black, including Sterling K. Brown (This Is Us), Olivia Munn (X-Men: Apocalypse), Keegan-Michael Key (Key & Peele), Jake Busey (Ray Donovan), and Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight).

Black and his actors started off the proceedings by answering questions and showing off a sizzle reel that included footage of the cast debating who the Predator could and could not defeat in battle. According to Black, the Predators are angry in the movie that they've sent at least two of their champion hunters to earth... and neither one made it back alive. This set the stage for the film's story, which sees the extraterrestrial race make their way back to our planet after a young boy (Wonder's Jacob Tremblay) inadvertently sends a signal to them from his home in the suburbs.

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The first SDCC clip for The Predator showed the film's soldier actor ensemble (Brown, Key, Busey, Rhodes) delivering the familiar Black-style fast-talk and humorous quips as they wake up Munn's character (who's passed out), following an incident involving one of the Predators. Black later praised his cast for their willingness to go the extra mile to get his dialogue down-pat, saying “Unlike casts from many other films, these guys were willing to come in and rehearse on the weekend”. Fox also debuted a brand-new poster for the film during the panel. Take a look, below.

By comparison, the second Predator clip was all about Black's trademark R-rated violence, this time in the context of the Predator film universe. The clip was an extended version of a beat from The Predator red band trailer, where a regular Predator gets in a fight with a "Super Predator" that results in the former getting its head ripped off (its spine still attached) and the human characters driving away in a van, trying to wrap their brains around why the aliens are killing each other now. Black indicated there is an in-universe explanation for the "upgraded" Predator too, saying that it has to do with the existence of different kinds of Predators on their home planet.

All things considered, it sounds like The Predator's SDCC panel did its job of making the film look like both a Shane Black movie and a sequel that's more interested in expanding the Predator lore rather than rebooting it. The film went through significant reshoots earlier this year, but even Black has admitted The Predator's original ending didn't work and has been improved by the additional photography. Combined with its SDCC showing, it seems the tentpole is generating some needed positive buzz now, with less than two months left before it hits theaters.

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