20 Strange Details About The Predator’s Anatomy

The Predator 2018

Predator introduced an alien menace to the world of cinema that would inflame the imaginations of filmmakers for years to comes. The Predator became a franchise unto itself, with it crossing over with some of the most famous movie monsters and superheroes in history. Particularly, it clashed with the Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise on numerous occasions.

There are numerous comic books, movies, novels, and video games that include the Predator, which has given us a lot of information about what makes them tick, some of which is contradictory. There are some Predator stories that refer to their species as the Yautja, though we will still refer to them as the Predator in this piece, as no canon name has been given in the movies.

The fact that the Predators have appeared in so many stories has meant that they have had an inconsistent record in terms of their combat abilities. There are some stories where the Predators are portrayed as unstoppable warriors, while others show them being beaten in a fair fight by policemen from Victorian England.

With the Predator being interpreted in so many different ways, it can be hard to get a sense of what they really are.

We are here today to learn the secrets of one of the most famous movie monsters in history - from the time when a Predator was defeated by the residents of Riverdale to the time when an entire squadron of Predators jobbed out to Tarzan.

Here are the 20 Strange Details About The Predator’s Anatomy!

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20 A Predator Was Turned Into Archie

The cast of Archie has been involved in some bizarre crossovers over the years, including the Punisher, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, and the Sharknado movies. The craziest Archie crossover has to be Archie vs Predator. 

In this four-issue miniseries, the town of Riverdale comes under threat by a Predator, who slaughters most of the cast. 

In the final issue of Archie vs. Predator, Archie has met his demise at the hands of the alien menace. Betty and Veronica manage to capture the creature and trap it within a machine that can alter the physical appearance of those inside of it.

Betty and Veronica decide that they don't want to live in a world without Archie, so they use the machine to turn the Predator into a new version of Archie.

19 Its Blood Can Extend A Human's Lifespan

The various Predator movies and comic books have flip-flopped on the idea of humanity having encountered the alien hunters throughout history. You would think that someone would write about the fact that they were pursued by an alien warrior at some point in time.

It turns out that written records aren't necessary, as it's possible to have your lifespan extended after encountering a predator.

The Predator: Concrete Jungle video game revealed that being exposed to the blood of a predator will increase your lifespan, as it slows your aging to a crawl. This doesn't make you immortal, as the aging process will still continue and you'll eventually succumb to old age.

18 It Can Live For Thousands Of Years

The Predators that we have seen in the movies have mostly acted alone or in small groups of hunters. The information that we have learned about Predator society has come from other forms of media, most of which isn't considered to be canon and often contradicts itself.

The Predators that we have seen have lived dangerous lifestyles, so it's hard to imagine any of them living for a long time.

One of the recurring characters in pieces of Predator media is Kalakta, who is one of the eldest of the species. It's revealed that Kalakta is thousands of years old and can recount the numerous wars waged by the Predators. This means that the Predators have incredibly long lifespans, which may explain the blood situation in Concrete Jungle. 

17 Humans Can Communicate With Predators Using Sign Language

Predator 2

It's clear that the Predator belongs to an advanced species, due to the fact that they have mastered interstellar travel and possess a level of weapons technology that is far beyond that of humanity.

The Predator race has no time for the Prime Directive, as they still find enjoyment in hunting creatures that are weaker than they are, as humans and Xenomorphs need to be able to outthink or outnumber their opponent in order to defeat them.

The Predator race has developed its own form of sign language that allows them to communicate silently while in the field. It was revealed in Alien vs. Predator: Three World War that they are willing to teach this sign language to humans in order to better facilitate contact between those who are welcomed into Predator clans.

16 The Predators Were Turned Into Mindless Beasts By One Of Their Enemies

The Predator race is more advanced than humanity in terms of technology, but there will come a time when the people of Earth will develop their own spaceships and step out into the galaxy. One of the advancements of humanity that the Predators seemingly never mastered was the creation of artificial lifeforms, which took the form of androids.

In the Aliens/Predator comic book series, there is an android named Elden that is injected with the black goo from Prometheus. This transforms him into a monstrous creature that mutates in frightening ways.

When Elden bites a Predator, it transforms into a monstrous new being that is even more powerful than the standard version of the creature.

The mutated Predator feasted on the flesh of its allies before destroying a horde of Xenomorphs.

15 Predators Will Allow Humans To Join Their Clans

The Predator writer teases alien mythology

The Xenomorphs breed by using Facehuggers to impregnate other living beings. The Predators seem to breed through more conventional means, though we have seen Predators impregnated by Facehuggers, which has created the dreaded Predalien.

In the Aliens vs. Predator comic books and novels, there is a human named Machiko Noguchi who is allowed to join a Predator clan after helping to capture an Alien Queen. Machiko is treated as an outsider by the Predators in her clan and this eventually causes her to defect and rejoin humanity.

It's during Machiko Noguchi's time with her clan that we learn that Predators have no physical desire for humanoids, with Noguchi even taunting one of her rivals with the idea that he wants to breed with her.

14 The Original Predator Design Was Completely Different

The version of the Predator that we know and love is actually the second iteration of the creature. The first version of the Predator had a totally different design, which is more reptilian in nature. This version of the Predator actually made it into production, with early footage of this creature existing on the home releases of the movie.

The early version of the Predator had a head that looked like an animal's skull, while its knees bent backward.

The armor that it wore was like an exoskeleton that contained all of its gadgets. It was this version of the costume that Jean-Claude Van Damme wore during his time on Predator and one of the reasons he didn't want to continue on the project was due to how difficult it was to move in the suit.

13 A Predator Managed To Overcome A More Powerful Version Of The Power Loader Suit

Ripley fights the Queen in Aliens

At the end of Aliens, Ellen Ripley is able to defeat the Alien Queen with the aid of the P-5000 Powered Work Loader suit, which is commonly referred to as the Power Loader. This robotic suit is mainly used for moving heavy loads of cargo, but it can be used to manhandle Xenomorphs in the right situation.

In the Alien vs. Predator video game series, it's revealed that there is a military version of the Power Loader, known as the Exosuit, which has firearms instead of hydraulic claws and has shielding to protect the pilot.

At the end of the Predator campaign in Alien vs. Predator 2, it's up to the player to defeat a Marine who is piloting an Exosuit. You have to match all of the Predator's technology against that of the most advanced weapon that humanity has to offer.

12 A Predator Turned Several Superheroes Into Trophies

One of the best scenes in Predator 2 involves the trophy room on the Predator's ship. Harrigan discovers numerous skulls belonging to different alien species, one of which came from a Xenomorph from the Alien franchise. This started fan theories about a conflict between the two species, which spawned the Aliens vs. Predator franchise.

In the Aliens/Predator: The Deadliest of the Species comic book series, it's revealed that the Predators have been hunting the most dangerous game of all - superheroes.

The trophy room of the Predator spaceship in The Deadliest of the Species series contains skulls from Cyclops and Magneto from the X-Men, as well as one of Wolverine's hands with its claws unsheathed.

There is also the disembodied head of Batman hanging on the wall.

11 The Dreadlocks Represent A Predator's Skill In Combat & Suitability As A Mate

Predator Mortal Kombat X Model

The Predator is an unstoppable alien hunter, which means that it certainly won't take fashion advice from a human being. If they did, then they might have been advised to lose the dreadlocks, as it takes away from their whole "alien menace" persona when they leave the house looking like Bob Marley.

The Hunter's Planet novel revealed that the hair of a Predator is treated in the same way that the Dothraki treat their hair in Game of Thrones. 

The length of a Predator's dreadlocks is meant to reflect their skill in battle and suitability as a mate, with short dreadlocks being seen as unattractive by the female of the species.

10 Predators Will Mark Themselves With Thunderbolts In Service Of Their Deity

We have been given glimpses of Predator culture in various comic books and novels over the years, several of which portray them in a similar light to the Klingons from Star Trek. 

The Predators have advanced technology, yet they still worship ancient gods and follow the ideas of a primitive warrior culture.

In the novelization of the Aliens vs. Predator movie, it's revealed that the Predators worship an unnamed deity who is only referred to as the Warrior God. The Predators who are part of the clan that follows the faith of this god are known to mark themselves with an image that is similar to a thunderbolt, which is done when members of the clan finally come of age and prove themselves to their peers.

9 Jean-Claude Van Damme Was Fired From The Predator Role

Original Predator Suit

Predator stars three of the biggest musclemen in Hollywood from the time - Carl Weathers, Jesse Ventura, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The steroid-infused muscles on display caused issues for the original actor who was set to appear in the Predator suit. It was originally going to be Jean-Claude Van Damme who was hunting Arnie through the jungle.

Jean-Claude Van Damme may look impressive compared to your average joe, due to the fact that he is a highly-skilled martial artist, but he looked tiny compared to the stars of the film. The producers felt that the Predator would only work if it physically matched those it was hunting, so Van Damme was cut from the project and replaced with Kevin Peter Hall, who was over seven feet tall.

8 The Group Of Predators Seen In Predator 2 Were Played By The Los Angeles Lakers

Predator 2 hunting party

At the end of Predator 2, it's revealed that the Predator that had been hunting throughout Los Angeles was not alone. Mike Harrigan discovers that an entire group of Predators was aboard the ship, though we never discover the reason why so many were there. 

The Predators seen at the end of the movie were mostly played by members of the Los Angeles Lakers. This was due to Danny Glover recommending them for the role, as he was a huge fan of the team. 

The special effects team needed a group of tall people to wear the suits, as the Predator hunting party was only briefly seen on screen, so it wasn't like they needed to hire proper actors for the role. A group of basketball players ended up fitting the bill. The Lakers/Predators also took some time out to record a dance video while on set.

7 Some Predators That Can Emit Hormones That Send Other Predators Into A Mindless Rage

Ultimate Predator

Not all Predators are created equally, as there are variations within the species that possess different abilities from others of their kind. There is one variant of Predator that contains a special gland located between the neck and collarbone that strengthens the body through pumping special hormones into the bloodstream.

The Predator will lose control over their actions in exchange for incredible strength.

The unique thing about this blood rage is that it can be passed on to other Predators. If the gland is active for too long, then the hormones spread out to other Predators, which will send them into a similar berserker rage, even if they do not possess the special glands themselves.

6 A Predator Lost A Fight To A Teenage Jesse James

At the end of Predator 2, Mike Harrigan is given an old flintlock pistol after he slays the Predator that had been stalking Los Angeles. This pistol had "Raphael Adolini 1715" written on, suggesting that the Predators had been engaging with humanity for a lot longer than had been suggested.

The Predator comic books have shown other Predators hunting humanity throughout history. The Predator: Hell Comes a Walkin'' miniseries shows a Predator hunting people during the American Civil War.

The Predator in this story was defeated by a sixteen-year-old Jesse James, making him the youngest person to ever overcome a Predator in combat.

5 A Predator Was The Accidental Inspiration For Spring-Heeled Jack

There was a Predator loose in Victorian England. You may think that an invisible menace who liked to cut up his opponents would act as a perfect idea for a Jack the Ripper story, but the Predator who appears in Predator: Nemesis would go on to serve as the inspiration for a character called Spring-Heeled Jack, who comes from English folklore.

Spring-Heeled Jack is an urban legend about a diabolical looking figure who committed crimes in the cities of London and Liverpool during the Victorian era.

This version of the Predator ran afoul of Mycroft Holmes and is hunted down in the sewers beneath London. The crimes committed by the Predator are attributed to the mythical figure who became known as Spring-Heeled Jack.

4 Predators Are Polyamorous & Have Numerous Children

The Predator stalks a special forces team in Predator

The vast majority of the Predator's appearances have involved stalking and attacking, which means that we haven't seen many romantic stories involving the Predators.

The stories that have detailed the Predator society have revealed that the species is polyamorous, with prominent hunters attracting numerous wives, while the Predator equivalent of nerds is left with none. It's for this reason that Predators are so obsessed with achieving glory on the battlefield.

The Predators are also known for their high rate of birth, with it being said that Predators will often have over sixty offspring over the course of their lifetime. It's never explained whether female Predators give birth to a litter of children or whether their cycle of birth is a lot quicker than humans.

3 There Are Inconsistencies Regarding The Physical Differences Between Male & Female Predators

There are some discrepancies over the differences between male and female Predators. The reason for this is due to the differing ways in which they have been presented.

There have been some forms of media (such as the Aliens/Predator: The Deadliest of Species comic book miniseries) where the female Predators have been shown without any clothes and are almost indistinguishable from their male counterparts.

There are also different forms of media, such as the Witchblade/Aliens/Darkness/Predator: Mindhunter comic book series, that has depicted female Predators with breasts and wider hips than their male counterparts, suggesting that they share similar gender differences to humans.

2 The Predator Was A Shapeshifter In The Official Novelization Of The First Film

Predator vs. Predator in Predators (2010)

One of the earlier concepts for the Predator was actually used in the official novelization of the first Predator movie.

In the Predator novel, the titular creature is actually a shapeshifter, which can take on organic forms. This version of the Predator can copy the appearance of any creature that it touches, with the exception of human beings. It can also transform into an intangible substance and can mask its appearance by taking on a form with a chameleon-like skin.

The motives of this version of the Predator were totally different as well, as it had a scientific interest in the human species, due to the fact that it couldn't transform into them. The reason it slays so many people is that it wanted to dissect humans for further study.

1 A Group Of Predators Was Defeated By Tarzan & A Herd Of Dinosaurs

The Predator 2018

The Predators may possess superior technology to humanity, but they can still be taken down by superior cunning. It's for this reason that Predators keep coming back to Earth for more hunts, as a group of intelligent humans possesses the ability to surprise and overcome the Predators using their wits, making them the perfect prey.

The Predators have been defeated by several prominent fictional characters in comic books, including Batman, Judge Dredd, and Superman, but they have also lost to a few literary characters, including Tarzan.

In the Tarzan vs. Predator at the Earth's Core comic book miniseries, an entire group of Predators was taken out by Tarzan, who used a horde of triceratops to crash into their ship and knock it into a canyon. The Predators even showed Tarzan some respect before they fell, as he had managed to outmaneuver them on the battlefield.


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