The Predator: New Video Explores Deleted Emissary Predators

A new behind the scenes video for The Predator takes a closer look at the deleted Emissary Predators. The Predator underwent some significant changes following test screenings of director Shane Black’s first cut. That version featured a vastly different final act, where the heroes - dubbed The Loonies - team up with two Predator ‘Emissaries,’ who object to members of their clan trying to take over Earth.

This led to a huge set piece where the group is attacked by hybrid creatures like a Spider Predator while riding an armored vehicle, resulting in the deaths of several characters. Apparently, test audiences were confused by the movie’s tone and multiple subplots, so the studio ordered sweeping reshoots. Both the Emissaries and most of the hybrid creatures were cut, with a new final battle pitting The Loonies against the near-invincible Ultimate Predator in a dark forest added.

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Information on The Predator’s original final act and the many, many changes that occurred in post-production have slowly trickled out since its release. Now a new video by StudioADI explores the design process of creating The Emissaries. These characters were intended to be older and more scientific than the typical Predator, with their designs subtly reflecting this.

There’s clearly enough deleted material from The Predator to assemble a different edit of the movie, but even Black has stated this is unlikely since the effects on these sequences weren’t finished. The movie was also a box office disappointment, so unless these deleted scenes appear on the upcoming home release of the movie, they’ll likely never be seen.

The Predator ends with a blatant tease for a sequel when a Predator Killer suit designed for human use is unveiled. This scene felt tonally disconnected from the rest of the movie, and the rushed CGI was a sign it was quickly put together. Another alternate ending recently came to light where the Predator pod opened to reveal an unknown human character resting inside, wearing a Facehugger-inspired breathing mask with a Weyland – Yutani logo on it. This ending clearly would have tied the movie to the Alien franchise, but despite this prop being built, StudioADI confirmed this ending was never actually shot.

The muted reception to The Predator probably means the series will go on another extended break, so it might be sometime before the titular alien hunter returns to the big screen.

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Source: StudioADI

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