Shane Black Confirms The Predator Teaser Release Date

The Predator director Shane Black has confirmed the trailer for the movie is coming very soon. Fans of the Predator series got very excited when Black was confirmed as the writer and director of the project. Black first made his name as a screenwriter in the 1980's and 90's, where his scripts for Lethal Weapon and The Last Boy Scout became famous for their combination of quotable dialogue and slick action.

Black later moved into directing with Robert Downey, Jr action comedy Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang and reteamed with the star for Iron Man 3. While that MCU entry was a huge success and allowed Black to play to his strengths, it received a backlash from fans of villain The Mandarin, who felt the sequel was massively disrespectful to the character. Black also has a link to the Predator series, having played the ill-fitted Hawkins in the 1987 original, who is the first soldier to fall prey to the alien hunter.

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The Predator will be a sequel to the original movies instead of a reboot, but the studio has been surprisingly shy with sharing footage from the movie. Fans eager to get a first look at the movie won't have to wait much longer, with Black responding to a question on his Twitter profile that the movie's trailer is coming around mid-April.

News of a trailer being inbound first came from co-writer Fred Dekker, who also recently confirmed the movie was filming additional photography in Canada and that the sequel was being post-converted to 3D. The new Predator movie is said to be funnier than previous entries, but the reshoots are apparently an effort to make it more serious after test audiences were confused by the tone.

Details about The Predator have been mostly kept under wraps. It's known the movie will be set in the suburbs and that the story will involve a group of hospitalized war vets getting into conflict with the title hunters. The movie is supposed to reinvent the franchise for audiences since the tropes of the series have become stale over numerous sequels. There are also reports the movie will reveal the true reason the hunters have been coming to Earth to test humanity all these years, which will act as a shocking reveal.

The Predator looks set to take some risks with the mythology of the series, so hopefully, after all these delays the movie will prove worth the long wait.

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Source: Shane Black

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