The Predator Set Photos Highlight the Movie's Alien Hunters

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Warning: This post may contain minor SPOILERS for The Predator


Boyd Holbrook and Trevante Rhodes are set to hunt down deadly aliens in The Predator, and it appears they'll have the help of advanced machinery. Shane Black is taking control of the Predator franchise after being involved with the first film back in 1987. Now as the director, Black's comedic sensibilities will attempt to breathe new life into a franchise that has recently been left for dead. Handling this dialogue primarily will be Boyd Holbrook (Logan) and Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight), but the rest of the cast will also be along for the ride - but not all may survive.

When going toe-to-toe with one of the deadliest aliens around, these new leads will need all the help they can get. The ensemble cast has teased the group that will be accompanying them on this journey, but how exactly they become involved with Predators remains to be seen. Thanks to the first set photos, we get a glimpse of the firepower they'll have on their side, but it still might not be enough.

Digital Spy posted the first set photos from production that show the new heroes patrolling the streets, possibly to find one of these alien assassins. The photos feature Holbrook, Rhodes, and fellow cast member Augusto Aguilera riding through the city on a tank with plenty of artillery to go around. While the crew seem to be enjoying themselves at first, the photos appear to contain the first casualty of this fight, so beware of SPOILERS before clicking on the following link.



Based on the look alone of these photos, it appears that Aguilera may be one of the first members of Holbrook's team to meet his end. The flesh on his face is severed burned or has been ripped off entirely, but it is difficult to say with certainty which outcome happened here. Both could fit with the Predators previous status quo, but Black could also craft a variety of different ways for his version of the Predator to bring about death.

The apparent death of Aguilera aside, the photos do show that they are clearly ex-military as reported before, but also reinforce the idea that they could be working with the government to stop this threat. There is no other explanation behind two former military men having a tank in their possession, so maybe this is where somebody like Sterling K. Brown comes into play. How the likes of Olivia Munn, Jacob Tremblay, or any of the other cast members factor in is not shown in these photos, but with the movie recently being pushed back a few months, there is even more time for this information to come to light.

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Source: Digital Spy

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