The Predator Reshoots Reportedly Added Links To Previous Movies

Olivia Munn in The Predator

In addition to changing a big chunk of the third act, recent reshoots for Shane Black’s The Predator have reportedly added more ties to previous movies in the series. Marketing for The Predator has only started to keep in, and while the first trailer was met with a muted response, subsequent previews have given fans a better idea of how the movie will play out. The story involves a group of disturbed war veterans who have to face off against the titular hunters in a small town. The government soon gets involved, and its revealed the creatures have been upgrading themselves with new abilities from every planet they hunt on.

In addition to the reshoots changing much of the original third act, The Predator will undergo a 3D post-conversion too. Test audiences were said to be confused by the tone of the original cut, which was a balance of action, horror and humor. Director Shane Black (The Nice Guys) is known for mixing comedy and action, but the reshoots are said to have made the movie feel a little more serious.

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The Predator will also reveal that the government has known about the Predators for decades and have even captured one to understand its technology. This operation is known as Project: Stargazer and new reports from AVP Galaxy states the reshoots also added more ties to past entries. Olivia Munn’s scientist character will see some grainy photos from the first two movies, in addition to the spear of Predator 2’s hunter and Lex’s Alien tail spear from Alien Vs Predator.

Alien vs. Predator

When the film started shooting there was some confusion about its connections to previous movies, with some actors stating it didn’t really have any. It’s since been confirmed the other movies are canon within The Predator, and it appears the reshoots added more footage to strengthen those links. It also seemingly makes Alien Vs Predator officially part of the series, after its canonical status was put in doubt by the events seen in Ridley Scott’s Alien prequels.

The Predator has had a tough time selling itself, but the most recent trailer – which highlighted the action and the new abilities of the creatures – seems to have soothed some fears. Project: Stargazer itself will also be the subject of a prequel novel to tie in with the release of the movie, which will fill in the backstory about the origins of the operation, and the capture of the first Predator.

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Source: AVP Galaxy

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