Olivia Munn Says The Predator Doesn't 'Erase' the Previous Films

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Olivia Munn says The Predator will be a standalone film that still exists in the same world as the previous Predator movies. Similar to Fox's recent attempts at rejuvenating the Alien franchise as well, the studio is set to bring the infamous Predator back to the big screen again next year, this time under the guiding hands of writer and director, Shane Black. A star of the 1985 original film, Black's new take on the franchise is said to be all about bringing the property back to its roots, with an R-rated level of violence and horror that focuses all on what made the Predator such a memorable onscreen character in the first place.

Understandably, there's been a lot of talk about the project from the moment it was originally announced back in 2014, and specifically, how the film might or might not be connected to the previous installments in the franchise. And while it's been said a number of times now that The Predator will not be a direct sequel to any of the other films, there's still some speculation of possible connections to the previous films - with Arnold Schwarzenegger even once rumored to have a cameo appearance in it. Those rumors were later shut down when Schwarzenegger said he passed on The Predator because of the size of the role offered to him.

While recently speaking with Yahoo! Movies about the project, Munn elaborated on how The Predator brings fans back to the same cinematic world as the previous Predator movies, while still maintaining its status as a standalone story and adventure:

"Well, we just wrapped and it comes out next summer, and I'm so excited about it. It's really cool because it's a standalone, so we have the [same] inspiration and - we're in the world of Predator so we have all the other movies that exist in it - but we don't need to acknowledge them. It's a really cool movie because it feels very present day, and it's a great ensemble of really amazing, funny comedic actors too."

When further asked if the film would be "erasing" the other films by possibly not referencing them, Munn said:

"No. No, we're not erasing [the films]. We just kind of kick it up another level."

Munn's comments here fit in line with what the consensus of the film appears to be - which is that The Predator will be telling a story set within the same world as the previous films, but without necessarily building directly on them at the same time. Considering the trajectory that the previous Predator films and crossovers have taken over the years too, most fans would likely agree that Black's approach to setting his movie apart from its predecessors, is the best possible route for the writer and director to go.

Despite how many critics and fans might have thought that The Predator franchise had run its course already, the early buzz surrounding Black's film appears to be mostly positive at this point. That's no doubt thanks to Black's credibility in the industry, after establishing himself as one of the most entertaining creative voices making movies right now, after his work on films like Iron Man 3, The Nice Guys, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, and more. And with The Predator said to contain Black's signature sense of humor and love of over-the-top violence, it's hard to think of a filmmaker working today, who's more capable of bringing new life to a franchise many thought might have been better off dead, than Black.

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Source: Yahoo! Movies

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