The Predator Trailer Is Finally Here!

The Predators are back on Earth with a new mission in the first trailer for The Predator. Arnold Schwarzenegger and John McTiernan launched the alien fighting franchise back in 1987, but what has followed failed to live up to the first installment. In an effort to revitalize the IP once more, Fox turned to writer/director Shane Black. Although he's best known for his work behind the camera, Black has major ties to the franchise already since he played Hawkins in Predator.

Black channeled his love for the franchise to create a reboot that still serves as a sequel to the events of the previous films. He assembled a great cast for his take too. Jacob Tremblay, Boyd Holbrook, Sterling K. Brown, Trevante Rhodes, Olivia Munn, and more are all set to appear, and we finally get to know what this movie is.

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The first trailer for The Predator is finally here. After debuting footage at Cinema-Con to a good reception, Fox launches the actual trailer just in time for it to be shown in theaters with Deadpool 2. Featured at the top of this post, the teaser trailer reveals how the Predators come to our planet.

The Predator Trailer

By being only the teaser trailer, there's only so much that it has to offer. It sets up the story that appears to very much involve Jacob Tremblay. Somehow, he acquires a box full of alien gear from the Predators and (at least based on the trailer) is responsible for powering a beacon that brings the assassins back to Earth. They crash on our planet only to have Boyd Holbrook's team encounter them. This won't be their only meeting with the Predator however, as Trevante Rhodes and others are all shown battling the aliens too.

Since The Predator comes out in four months, its a bit surprising that the trailer shows so little. However, it didn't have the easiest filming or post-production process which could be why Fox only released a teaser with less than 2 minutes of footage. Black reshot most of the third-act according to one of the film's stars. Those reshoots weren't done too long ago, so the lack of footage may in part be because they don't have any footage from the end ready to share. With plenty of time left to market, hopefully The Predator's future trailers only improve. Showing more of the actual Predator or even highlighting Black's typical style can help make that possible. The Predator has a great release date with lacking competition, so all eyes will be on this project to see if it can successfully relaunch the franchise.

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