The Predator Teaser to Debut at CinemaCon Before Releasing in May

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The Predator director Shane Black has revealed that the teaser trailer for the movie will debut at CinemaCon before heading to theaters at a later date. The Predator is the fourth solo installment in the long running sci-fi franchise and finds a group of hospitalized war veterans facing off with the titular hunters in the suburbs. The movie is intended to be a reinvention of the series, but there are signs the studio may be worried about it.

The Predator's release date has been pushed back more than once, barely any photos or promo material has been revealed and the movie recently headed back for reshoots. The additional photography is said to be the result of test audiences being confused by the movie's tone, which was funnier than previous instalments. The new footage is apparently an attempt to make it more serious, and co-writer Fred Dekker also revealed recently The Predator was being post-converted to 3D.

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The Predator is coming in September, yet surprisingly there still hasn't been a teaser or any footage released. Black recently told a fan to expect a teaser to arrive in Mid-April, but now he's taken to his Twitter account to clarify the trailer will be exclusive to CinemaCon for the time being.

Various cast members from The Predator have spoken highly of the movie and their experience working on it, but the lack of footage or promotion is a little strange. The film is supposed to relaunch the franchise and will be a big-budget, R-rated action blockbuster, yet the studio doesn't seem to be aggressively pushing it. Perhaps the alleged lukewarm test screenings gave them pause, and they want to complete the reshoots before debuting the trailer.

That said, fans were looking forward to finally seeing the movie in action, so Black's backtrack on the trailer date is another blow. Black and Dekker are no strangers to quality action and horror movies; they co-wrote the cult classic The Monster Squad together, while Black wrote Lethal Weapon and The Nice Guys. The Predator should be in safe hands with both men in charge, so hopefully, when the trailer finally arrives it will ease any fears surrounding the project.

The story for The Predator is also said to be pretty wild, with some inventive new twists on the mythology; it will reveal even the real reason the hunters have been visiting Earth all these years.

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