The Predator Reportedly Features Different Versions of the Creature

Olivia Munn in The Predator

The Predator may feature some new breeds of the classic monster. The Predator will be the first entry in the series since 2010's Predators, and director Shane Black (Iron Man 3) is looking to reinvent the monster for a new generation. The director has plenty of experience in the action genre and even featured in the original 1987 Predator as Hawkins, who meets a nasty end at the hands of the creature. So it appears the sequel is in safe hands, though the recent debut of the first trailer was met with mixed reactions.

The Predator will follow Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook), a soldier who once faced off with the titular beast and has to lead a squad of disturbed veterans into battle when they return for a new hunt. While the movie will act as a soft reboot, it will still have ties to past movies. The government will be aware of past encounters with the Predators, while Jake Busey will play the son of Peter Keyes, the obsessed government agent played by his real-life father Gary Busey in Predator 2.

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The new trailer hints that the Predators have seemingly been hybridizing themselves with other alien species and a new report by Den Of Geek offers hints as to the new kinds of hunters we might see. The report states the movie will feature 3 classic versions of the Predator, in addition to hinting at a giant version that was referred to on set as a "10-foot mutha," with a huge prop arm being used during the filming of an action scene as a reference for the creature. The movie will apparently feature two new variations that have never been seen in previous movies.

The Predator Trailer

Black has stated it was his goal with The Predator to make the series an event again and get fans excited for a new movie. The Predator will also reveal the true reason the hunters keep coming back to Earth, which will apparently be a shocking reveal. The hybrid element will no doubt lead to some interesting new takes on the original design of the Predator and give viewers something they haven't seen before from the series. Hopefully, it will prove somewhat cooler than the Predalien from Alien Vs Predator: Requiem.

The Predator recently went back for 3 weeks worth of reshoots to change much of the third act, with test audiences apparently being confused by the film's humorous tone. The new footage is said to make the final act a little more intense. The movie is also being post-converted to 3D. While some have taken the issues with the movie as a sign of trouble, the studio seems committed to bringing the series back in blockbuster fashion, so hopefully, the movie will prove to be worth the wait.

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Source: Den Of Geek

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