The Predator Concept Art Showcases Killer Suit

WARNING: Spoilers For The Ending Of The Predator

New concept art from The Predator reveals a closer look at a new suit from the movie. Now that The Predator has been released and the dust is starting to settle, it’s clear the movie that was released in cinemas wasn’t quite the movie director Shane Black set out to make. The movie suffers from choppy editing and it moves at a swift pace to seemingly paste over numerous story issues.

The third act, in particular, suffers from this rushed pacing, with the death of a major character happening so abruptly that some viewers missed it. The Predator went through something of a messy production, with the ending being entirely reshot in March 2018 to bring the final showdown with the Ultimate Predator from day to nighttime. Numerous other scenes were cut, including an armored vehicle chase scene and the addition of two ally Predators who team up with the lead characters.

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The ending reveals the Fugitive Predator who kicks the story off came to Earth to gift humanity with something that would help them fight back against other invading members of its clan. This is revealed to be a Predator Killer suit, a piece of armor designed for humans that would even the odds in a fight. While opinions on this ending – which was another reshoot – are mixed, the design of the suit is kind of cool. Now artist Will Kosman has revealed concept art for the suit via ArtStation. More pictures of the suit can be seen at his profile.

While this cliffhanger is clearly designed to set up more movies, the underwhelming box office and overall mixed response to the movie means a direct sequel isn’t likely. The Predator has some strong points, like a great cast, some snappy dialogue and interesting additions to the franchise mythology, but the messy storyline and frantic pacing spoil some of the fun. While the Predator Killer suit is an interesting idea in concept, the scene it features in also suffers from lackluster CGI, in addition to just being a blatant sequel hook.

The Predator likely won’t get a direct follow-up, so like the Alien franchise, fans are left in limbo as to what happens next. Alien: Covenant also scored a mixed critical and box-office result, and with Disney set to acquire both franchises in the near feature, it could be a long time before either monster resurfaces on the big screen.

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Source: Will Kosman (via AVP Galaxy)

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